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Innovative  LED Lighting

Lighting for life: LED lighting built to last and built to enhance your lifestyle.

LED Deck Lighting

Make the most of your deck - light a party or just add ambiance, comfort, & style.

LED Landscape Lighting

Showcase your garden, accent your landscape, and add safety to your home.

LED Kitchen & Cabinet Lighting

Give your kitchen a welcoming glow, light dark corners, and eliminate shadows.

Our Flagship Products

Our Trendsetting LED Recessed Stair Light Kits and 4 Packs

Millennium Outdoor - Our LED recessed  lights bring safety and ambiance to your steps and stairs and can be embedded in wood, composites, concrete, pavers ...

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Our Cutting Edge LED Under Cabinet Light Bars & Kits

Millennium Indoor - Our low profile, high output LED under cabinet lights highlight your countertops and backsplash, light dark corners, eliminate shadows ...

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Our DEK Dots Recessed Lights, Designed to be walked upon

Millennium Outdoor - Our robust deck lights install flush wth the surface, virtually unseen and unfelt underfoot.  They are also a popular choice for concrete, brick, pavers ...

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The Radiance Landscape Light, Projecting a Radius of Light

Millennium Outdoor - Our first landscape light features radiant light with high light output, variable positioning, incredible efficiency and versatility of use ...

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The Ginny Landscape Light, Multi-Purpose Landscape Light

Millennium Outdoor - Innovative design and unmatched versatility; angle the fixture to face completely down for pathway lighting or bend it back for façade lighting ...

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The Toughest, Most Durable Post Caps in the World

Millennium Outdoor - Our cast aluminum post caps with LED Lights. Practical by day, breathtaking by night. Our heavy duty post caps will endure hurricanes, hail ...

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Our Signature Aluminum Balusters with LED Lights

Illuminations - Our premium quality aluminum balusters with LED lights available in basket and casey collar designs.  This is where it all started all those years ago ...

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The Best Quality & Value For Your Money


DEKOR™ lighting and railing products are  energy efficient, long lasting, and durable with some of the longest warranties in the industry.   We build quality into our products so that you can put them in and forget about them … so you can enjoy more and maintain less ...

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CREE LEDs are known for their superior performance, super bright light, and long life.  As a CREE LEDs branding partner, DEKOR™'s product quality was  independently tested and confirmed by CREE's rigorous TEMPO testing ...

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American Design & Innovation

Some of the world’s best products are still made in America and DEKOR™ products are part of that tradition.  We believe in American Craftsmanship, and most of our products are built right here at our manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado ...

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Safe and Certified - ETL CE UL

Inspiration Center

NEW! Paver Dot Lights and Light Kits

Our NEW Outdoor LED Paver Dot Lights are specifically designed to be embedded in concrete, stone, and of course pavers. Illuminate your patio, pool deck, walkways or driveway with warm, white dots of light. Add subtlety with a dimmer.

Our "second generation" dots are low maintenance, easier to install, and better adapted for concrete. The lights feature Plug-N-Play connectors, simple light replacement in case of failure, and the latest generation CREE LEDs.

Paver Dot Lights are long lasting and durable, able to withstand foot traffic (patios), light vehicular traffic (your driveway) and backed by our industry-leading 10 year warranty.

Paver Dots are available in an 8 light Paver Dot Kit complete with transformer or Paver Dot 4 Pack for flat hardscape installation in your choice of connecting cable lengths. Paver Dots with a 30 degree light angle are also available in 4 packs for concrete or paver steps and stairs.

New Paver Dot lights >

NEW! NOSEEEM Lights and Light Kits

Introducing NOSEEUM lights - low profile LED light strips for accent lighting from DEKOR.

Why do we call them NOSEEEM Lights? Because of their incredibly small height - a mere 5/16" - and their unique design geometry that hides where the light is coming from. They are designed to illuminate but not be seen.

NOSEEEM lights are perfect for lighting cabinet interiors. They can also be used under cabinet, under counter, in closets, anywhere you want inconspicuous accent lighting indoors.

NOSEEEM Lights are also designed to be used outdoors - under cap stones, under deck railings, or even to light up a truck bed - anywhere you want a low profile light with great light output.

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NEW! USB Smart Charger

The new must-have accessory for lounging, grilling, and chilling. The new USB Smart Charger from DEKOR allows you to charge your tablet, phone or other mobile device while lounging outside on your deck, dock or gazebo with the new DEKOR USB EZSmart Charger.

This neat transformer accessory allows you to charge any USB device with a standard A plug from your nearby DEKOR transformer / Plug-N-Play system. Surf or talk as long as you want without the concern of running the battery down.

The USB Smart Charger is designed to power smart devices such as IPads, Kindles, Notebooks, Adroid and Apple phones, and almost any device that can be charged via a USB standard-A plug.

Install under tables, railings and more - embed with our custom forstner bit.

USB Smart Charger >

Popular: LED Hardscape Wall Lights

DEKOR™'s Hardscape Wall and Corner Lights add dramatic lighting effects to retaining walls and other masonry. Install under the top lip of concrete, stone, or masonry walls to light the way along entrances and around pools and patios. Designed with smooth flowing lines to complement stonework, concrete, masonry, and other architectural elements.

  • Dimmable CREE LEDs
  • Easy LED Bulb Replacement
  • Simple Install, Plug-N-Play
  • Duable with 5 year / 10 year warranty

Learn more about our new LED Hardscape Wall Light and LED Hardscape Corner Light.

Read our press release .

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Dek Dots on Treehouse Masters

Our Dek Dots recessed deck lights were recently seen on the hit television show Treehouse Masters Season 3. The episode was Treehive Beehive - named for a beehive-shaped treehouse built for a Redmond, Washington couple.

In the video, Pete Nelson, the "treehouse guy" and man behind the show, takes us on a tour of the Beehive inspired Treehouse.

Dek Dots were used as step lights to light the way up to the "Treehive Beehive". Visit our Dek Dots page for more info and photos from the project.

About Treehouse Masters

The Treehouse Masters build treehouses - private escapes that "bring people closer to nature";  they lift the spirits and inspire dreams. Treehouse Masters airs on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

Dek Dots Recessed Lights for decks, pavers, and concrete >