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6 Outdoor Deck Light Trends to Try in 2021

You love spending time on your deck but are eager to freshen it up with a new look. While a variety of options are available, many are expensive or difficult to implement. Thankfully, it’s possible to level up your deck without compromising your budget or dedicating a lot of time to outdoor projects.

Creating an inviting space should be a priority, as outdoor living areas can provide an instant escape from the obligations and stresses of everyday life. Your outdoor enclave encourages you to relax on your own or spend quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s adjacent to a pool or includes such upscale features as an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, your deck can be strategically designed to be a special place that allows you to make treasured memories. Lighting can play a critical role in helping this space live up to its potential.

Deck Lighting Trends

Deck lighting, like any aspect of landscaping or outdoor design, tends to cycle through trends. For 2021, we’re pleased to report that these are highly practical, so you need not worry about investing in anything that will look or feel outdated anytime soon. Instead, this year’s trends in outdoor deck lighting fall in line with the recent emphasis on livable outdoor spaces, where functions once confined to inside areas can now come to life.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with playing up the look of your deck with larger-than-life features. These can also be found among the many deck light trends in 2021.

Are you determined to remain on the cutting-edge of landscaping style? The following are among the most exciting outdoor lighting trends we’re expecting for 2021:

1. Lattice Skirts: Colored Pucks and Well Lights

Looking for a fun way to give your deck’s lattice skirts new life? Try puck lights featuring colorful LEDs. While homeowners typically use these as a landscape lighting solution, they can also work wonders with deck lattice designs — especially if they are strategically situated to provide a lovely glow from behind the lattice. These LED lights provide steady illumination that will not fade with time.

Another option: well lights placed in front of the lattice skirt. These discreet disks can highlight the beauty of intricate lattice patterns. Depending on the space surrounding this area, they may also cast a shine on shrubs, flowers, or other landscaping details.

Blue Dek Dots organized in pattern on deck2. Colored Dek Dots in a Pattern

If you have a large deck and are struggling to come up with creative ways to organize this vast space, try using Dek Dots to deliver a much-needed sense of structure. Colored Dek Dots, in particular, work well for this purpose, as they add instant visual interest.

These light fixtures can be placed in a pattern near the center of your deck to break up the space and illuminate areas with flexible furniture or decor arrangements. These can be installed flush with the surface so that they can be walked upon. They are waterproof and come with a ten-year warranty, so you can feel confident that they’ll stand the test of time.

Recessed lights around perimeter of deck3. Dek Dots for Deck Perimeters

Another great option for making the most of a large deck? Placing Dek Dots around the perimeter. These help to define the space while also providing much-needed illumination to guide visitors at night. Colored LEDs, as described above, can be excellent for this purpose. If you prefer something a bit simpler and more uniform, try warm white lights, which can be dimmed to create the perfect ambiance.

Glass railing panels with LED lighting4. Glass Panels

Offering unobstructed views during the day and a lovely source of lighting at night, large glass panels can be incorporated in a variety of deck designs to up the sophistication factor. Custom etchings can be added to bring an extra dose of personality.

Surprisingly simple to install, these panels require only two wood screws per end cap. Following a quick and easy installation process, your deck will instantly take on the upscale appearance you crave.

5. Privacy Walls

As a top hardscape feature, your deck’s privacy wall may seem purely functional. In reality, however, it offers an abundance of opportunities for adding style and beauty to your favorite outdoor space. Trendy options for lighting deck privacy walls include the following:

  • Radiance Multi-Function Lights (RADML). Mounted on a variety of vertical surfaces, these outdoor lights are great for brick and other materials that might otherwise lend themselves poorly to post-construction lighting adjustments. Installation is easy, but robust construction ensures that RADML products are just as durable as the walls on which they’re mounted.
  • Puck lights. These uplights can be placed at the bottom of privacy walls where they blend in effortlessly with help from die-cast aluminum housing. They are available in warm white or in a variety of vibrant colors. These LEDs use less energy than many products, making them a great option if you prioritize energy-efficient solutions.
  • Well lights. Well designs provide an excellent opportunity for uplighting near privacy walls. Removable spikes help to keep these in place, while a discreet design locks attention on the wall and its warm glow, rather than the fixture that provides this illumination. This subtle approach has long made these fixtures a top option for landscape lights.

LED lighting under deck railing6. Infinite Lites for Under-Rail Lighting

While Infinite Lites provide — as their name suggests — an endless array of opportunities, they’re particularly well-suited to under-rail deck lighting. As with the perimeter solution referenced above, these bring definition to your outdoor space while also guiding the way as people navigate the space after dark. They can also be used on pergolas or incorporated with numerous other deck features. Either way, their subtle glow lends itself to understated sophistication, which is a top trend in 2021.

Create an Outdoor Space You Love With DEKOR®

If you’re on the hunt for a simple and cost-effective solution to transform the look and feel of your deck, creative outdoor lighting may be your best bet. Whether you incorporate glass panels, Dek Dots, colored LEDs, or some other trendy solution, you will be amazed by the instantaneous transformation that your exterior lighting updates provide. The right lighting trends can create an oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

Not sure where to start? Feel free to get in touch with the experts at DEKOR®. We’re happy to offer insights into the latest trends, as well as classic options that will make your space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. We can draw on a wealth of deck lighting ideas to help you design an outdoor space you’re proud to show off. Contact us today to learn more.

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