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6 Pergola lighting ideas to decorate your outdoor space

pergola lighting ideas

Pergola Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Outdoor Space


Few outdoor features blend beauty and functionality quite like a pergola. These vertical pillars provide support for cross-beams, which, in turn, deliver shade during the day. Beyond this, a pergola can bring a sense of purpose to an outdoor area, defining the boundaries of seating space or otherwise providing a focal point to show where, exactly, people should hang out. Lighting allows your pergola to better fulfill these functions whenever you need it — day or night.


Why Light Up Your Pergola?

During the day, your pergola provides a much-needed break from direct sunlight. This added shade allows you to make better use of outdoor space that you might otherwise neglect for fear of sunburn. If your pergola is not lit, however, you’re neglecting one of its most important functions: making your outdoor space just as livable at night.

After dark, the space below your pergola can be an inviting area, complete with comfortable patio furniture and twinkling lights. It may be situated above an outdoor dining table, where you can enjoy an elegant dinner party. 

At a minimum, pergola lights serve a functional purpose: making it possible to navigate your outdoor living area when the sun goes down. Beyond this, however, safety must be considered. Without proper lighting, the risk of injury can be considerable — even in spaces that appear to have few obstructions.

Pergola lighting can also boost the appearance of your deck or patio. The best patio lighting encourages you to draw attention to your preferred aesthetic, regardless of whether that involves contemporary, rustic, or elegant design. Depending on where your pergola is situated, your lights can also show off your garden or landscaping features. 

Lights can be dim, colorful, or housed within bold fixtures. With so many excellent choices, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. It’s important to get a sense of the best lights as you plan your DIY project. In this guide, we’ll define today’s top options and help you choose the ideal pergola lights for your space. 


Pergola Lighting Design Options

Beyond all the advantages discussed above, pergola lighting is appreciated for its sheer versatility. A vast array of lights can be attached to pergolas, paving the way for an ever wider range of potential aesthetics. Whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary look or something a bit more laid-back, you’ll quickly fall in love with at least one of the outdoor lighting ideas highlighted below:

pergola string lights


Outdoor String Lights

One of the most popular options for today’s pergolas, string lights are easy to hang. They instantly create a warm, festive atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome. These lights are far more varied than many people realize. Favorite options include:

  • Fairy. When you think of string lights, chances are, you imagine classic fairy lights. These serve more of a decorative function than a practical one, so they’re best used in areas that already have other sources of lighting available. These lovely lights add a cheerful twinkle to make any deck or patio feel cozy. 
  • Icicle. Often used for holiday parties, icicle lights hang down in short, vertical strings. These, in turn, are attached to a longer, horizontally-oriented string. While many people prefer to use icicle lights as accents along rooflines, they can also work nicely with pergolas and elsewhere in a deck or patio environment. 


pergola hanging lights


Hanging Lights

The terms ‘hanging’ and ‘string’ are often confused when applied to outdoor lighting. These approaches hold much in common, and, technically, string lights are hanging lights. That being said, not all hanging lights qualify as string lights. This category encompasses anything that is suspended from your pergola. Often, they encompass suspended fixtures that are more visible than other types of lights. This can be beneficial when you want your lights to serve a decorative purpose.

For an enhanced effect, try colorful hanging lights, which go beyond a conventional soft glow to bring your favorite hues to your deck or patio. Keep in mind that most hanging lights you select will be visible during the day, so you should love their appearance regardless of whether or not they’re lit at any given point in time.

pergola mason jar lights


Lights in Mason Jars

On the hunt for a rustic chic look that will add instant visual interest to your pergola? Mason jars should give your favorite outdoor areas a memorable look, adding flair in a delightfully low-key manner. These lights used are typically LED lights, which provide long-lasting, bright light. Colorful Mason jar lights further defy expectations by bringing bold and bright hues to your outdoor patio.





pergola light fixtures


Light Fixtures

If you prefer to hang out in a well-lit area, you’ll need more luminosity than most string lights or Mason jar solutions can provide. Therein lies the value of mounted fixtures, such as soffit LED floodlights. Delivering a cascading effect that forces guests to take notice, these lights provide a beautiful glow. They also serve a practical purpose: bringing visibility to corners that might otherwise be out of reach after the sun goes down.

  • Empyrean. Situated in an L-shaped housing, these flush-mount pergola lights are sometimes referred to as the “lights from above.” They are among the most effective options for pergolas because they are specifically designed for overhead structures. Inconspicuous during the day, these are among the most effective solutions for avoiding tangles and other issues that sometimes accompany string lighting systems.


pergola strip lights


Strip Lights

From a distance, strip lights resemble the effect of string lights. They offer many benefits above and beyond other lighting solutions, however, as they can be cut to preferred lengths and customized based on the specifics of the environment in which they’re used. They can take multiple forms, such as:

  • No See Em. These LED strip lights are ideal when you want a discreet, subtle option for illuminating the space beneath your pergola. Other perks include waterproof construction and robust strength, which allow these lights to stand up to the elements.
  • Infinite Lights. Named for the infinite opportunities they provide, infinite LED strip lights are thin and flexible. While they are sold individually, they can be attached as needed to create custom strips of lights. Silicone casing means that a variety of surfaces can accommodate these lights. 
  • Rope. While these lights look spectacular when attached beneath deck rails, they’re also a perfect fit for pergolas.  They can bring the perfect sense of ambiance to an outdoor dining room. Rope lights are flexible enough to deliver steady output near curves and angles. If you want a steady, unbroken string of light for a contemporary space, rope lights may be your preferred solution.

pergola chandeliers



Nothing classes up a room quite like a sophisticated chandelier. This is true regardless of whether gorgeous chandeliers are suspended from inside ceilings or outdoor pergolas. Depending on their design, they can bring elegance or quirky vibes to your pergola. They also offer varying levels of light. To make a statement, try these kinds of chandeliers:

  • Drum. This modern style does wonders when incorporated into minimalist designs. As pendant lights, they are hung from chains or stems. The term ‘drum’ derives from the shape of the shade.
  • Glass. Play up the luxury outside with a glass chandelier. These are inherently elegant, but can also be risky outside — so be sure to stick with the most durable models available.
  • Mini. Small pergolas can quickly be overwhelmed by excessively large chandeliers. If you want the effect of a chandelier without overdoing it, try a mini design instead. This provides all the aesthetic appeal of a conventional chandelier but also leaves room for other decor or lighting solutions.



Transform Your Pergola With DEKOR

Why let a sophisticated pergola go to waste after sunset? When you apply the best lighting solutions from DEKOR, your outdoor room becomes far more functional and attractive after hours. This is one of the easiest home improvement options imaginable, so don’t hesitate to get in DIY mode as you add the lighting styles highlighted above to your deck or patio. Contact us today to learn more about our products — and to discover which lighting options are best capable of leveling up your pergola.

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