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deck dots

DEK DOTS LED deck lights, LED patio lights.  Introducing the smallest, brightest and easiest LED deck light to install you will ever come across, available in convenient kits or separate 4 packs. They install flush in any surface from wood to concrete or pavers and are designed to be walked upon!

Don’t let the size of these tiny LED recessed deck lights fool you. Measuring less than 1” in diameter they are incredibly bright. Originally designed as deck and patio lights, these versatile LED lights can also be used for docks, stairs, steps, pathways, walkways, ADA ramps, and more … they can even be used in fountains, water features or as marine lights when properly housed.

DEK DOTS are built with high-quality CREE LEDs, known for their super bright light, long life and superior energy efficiency. DEKOR™ is a CREE LEDs Branding Partner.

Highly Durable, Robust & Reliable

DEK DOTS differ from our other LED recessed lights in that they have transparent polycarbonate covers. deck dotsThey install totally flush with the surface, making them virtually unseen – and “unfelt” underfoot. Yet these tiny LED recessed lights will withstand years of “wear and tear”: the polycarbonate used is nearly indestructible and pound for pound tougher than the strongest aluminum.

Installation Instructions

Download installation instructions.

New DEK DOTS Concrete Install Video!

Using your dek dots
“to whom it may concern;   just wanted to say that we installed your dek dots on my dock and love how they look.  will be ordering more soon.  take a look at the video of how they look.  if anyone asks about putting your product on docks show them this…”

John C, October 21, 2011

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Best Seller
(1) Starting At: $271.24 USD
(20) Starting At: $65.47 USD

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