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Versatile LED Dot Lights

Meet Dekor Lighting’s flagship product: Dek Dots™. Introducing the smallest, brightest and easiest LED deck light to install you will ever come across, these LED dot lights are the perfect addition to any home or yard — from the outdoor deck, patio or dock to indoor stairs or showers.

What Makes Them Different?

Dek Dots™ differ from our other LED recessed lights in that they have transparent polycarbonate covers with no exterior housing. They install totally flush with the surface, making them virtually unseen – and “unfelt” underfoot. 

Here are just a few other ways our Dek Dot kits stand out:

  • Designed to withstand years of wear and tear – The polycarbonate used is nearly indestructible and pound for pound tougher than the strongest aluminum.
  • Offer long lasting light with superior energy efficiency – Dekor Lighting is a CREE LEDs Branding Partner. These products are crafted with high-quality CREE LEDs, which are known for the long life and superior energy efficiency of their lights.
  • Add elegance and ambiance – The warm light of these LED deck dots will help to elevate any area and surface, without being imposing. Plus, with the right accessories, you can make the lights dimmable — putting you fully in control of the ambiance.
  • 10 year warranty – We’re confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty.
  • Easy installation – Setup is effortless, thanks to our plug-n-play technology.

How Do They Work?

One of the best parts of Dek Dots™ is how versatile they are. They install flush in any surface from wood to concrete or pavers and are designed to be walked upon, which means they can serve many unique purposes.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some of the most popular uses are for decks, docks, stairs, steps, pathways, walkways, and ADA ramps. They can also highlight hardscape or water features.

Given the many different ways one can use these decking lights, we offer a variety of purchasing options so you can choose what best fits your needs. Explore our convenient lighting kits, which include both the Dek Dot light elements as well as many of the accessories you’ll need for optimal installation and setup, and our separate 4 packs.

Transform Your Yard With Outdoor LED Lighting

Everyone deserves to have a home and yard they’re proud of, and that’s where Dekor Lighting comes in. We make sure every product that has our name on it meets our high standards. Our attention to detail, innovative technology, and thorough environmental testing shows in every lighting solution we offer.

Need assistance in finding or using the right LED dot lighting? Contact the experts at Dekor Lighting — we’re happy to help!

Made In The USA

DEKOR Lighting

DEKOR Lighting, a leading company in the LED lighting industry, knows the importance of a quality, beautiful product that works for all ranges of skill levels from DIYers to the professionals. Every product is backed by extensive testing and analysis, and all products are manufactured in-house to the order in the United States with their home located in Denver, Colorado.