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This product is great from the ground up, considering it goes in the ground. It’s made in the U.S., it’s backed by a 10-year warranty and is made with Cree LED lights (the company happens to be an exclusive partner). But what we absolutely loved about this product is the ease of installment and the complexity of its look in landscaping.

LED Pathway Lights

The EZ YARD DOTs give a sense of security during the night as well as illuminating the desert features of this southern New Mexico home

The EZ YARD DOT Kit has the capability of being set on a timer, and are made with Cree LED lights to reduce energy consumption which won’t have a significant effect on the electric bill!

The nice thing about the EZ YARD DOT Kit is there is always room for growth. You can expand as many lights as you want (See transformer capacity in step four.) All you would have to do is upgrade the transformer that has the capability to support more EZ YARD DOTs.


It didn’t take much to install. This project required a few simple tools, elbow grease, and a little sunshine. 
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EZ YARD DOT Kit Contents:

  1. One EZ Photocell Timer (dusk to dawn Timer) with variable timed off settings
  2. Seven PLUG-N-PLAY 10’ or 20′ Cables (Depending on what type of kit you purchased)
  3. One Transformer to Splitter WP Connector 20’ length
  4. One EZ Outdoor Waterproof Power Driver (36 watt)
  5. One EZ YARD DOT LED Elements with 3 connector ends ( for splitting run into different directions)
  6. Seven EZ YARD DOT LED Light Elements with 2 connector ends (to connect from light to light)
  7. Installation Instructions


Make sure the power source is accessible to where you will install the EZ YARD DOT Kit.

Measure the area where you want your EZ YARD DOTs to go and create an even space in between each light. If you don’t own a measuring tape (or are bad at math) just eye the area and place the lights where you prefer them to be. 

  1. Decide how many lights you want.  Make sure you space them evenly using a measuring tape (or what looks great upon personal preference.)
  2. Determine how far apart to place them.  There are two sizes of cable, space up to 10’ apart or up to 20’ apart.  Mark with landscaping paint if desired

Measure the distance you would like set between each EZ YARD DOT.

Measuring the precise distance may be a better choice for the DIYers who seek exact distance. (Although it is pictured here, do not push the EZ YARD DOT into the ground with the connectors facing the edge you are installing it to. Face them the opposite direction of what is pictured. This EZ YARD DOT was set like this to plan the installation process.)

OR simply gauge the distance where the EZ YARD DOTs look good. It’s that easy.

Dig a shallow trench for the Direct Bury Cable.  No need to dig deep just enough to safely bury the cables to keep away from maintenance equipment such as, lawn mowers, weedwackers, etc. 

Dig the trench along the route your EZ YARD DOTs will light.

Use a small gardening shovel or any tool to dig the trench. In this image, we used a pry bar, and it worked perfectly.

Plug photocell timer into outlet.

With the DEKOR Lighting Photocell Timer, you have full control over the automated timing mechanism and have the capability to control the EZ YARD DOT Kit using your Android or iphone with the Wi-Fi Component.

Plug transformer into photocell timer.

Plug transformer into photocell timer.

The power supply / transformer included with this kit supports up to 30 EZ YARD DOTs with standard LEDs or 20   EZ YARD DOTs with NexGen LEDs.

Plug direct bury cable into the transformer. This one will be the clear cord that will connect the lights to the power source. 

Make sure the plug direct bury cable is secure to the transformer. This creates a waterproof seal.

String along all the EZ YARD DOTs together by connecting the waterproof Plug-N-Play female connectors on the lights and the Keyed male connectors on the Plug-N-Play Cables. Save the twist ties to be utilized in the next step.

During this step, we forced one of the connectors in. This bent the elements inside the cable. So, do not force the connectors when plugging them in to avoid damage. The connectors should slide easily in. If the connectors are not sliding in easily, make sure you are matching the grove with the indention as pictured above.

Each light must be linked to one another to receive power from the transformer. During this step, test the lights to see if they are working and if they are all receiving power.

Push EZ YARD DOTs with long side next to driveway, path sidewalk or paver. Lights should be flush (level with) with driveway, path, sidewalk, or pavers. 

During the installation, most of the lights went into the ground fairly easily, but some were difficult to get in so check out the tips we have below when dealing with resistant, rocky surfaces.

This EZ YARD DOT is 100% installed. It is in the ground, receiving power, the connectors are away from the sidewalk, is flush along the surface,  and it looks GREAT!

This products is made for all outdoor climates. It can withstand extreme heat and cold!


If you are working with a rocky surface, easily use a tire iron, landscape spike, rebar, or a large screwdriver to dig a pilot Hole.

We positioned the dowel in the spot where we wanted to install the EZ YARD DOT. We then took a hammer to drive the dowel deep into the ground. We were working with rocky ground, but it had just rained the night before. This worked to our benefit because we installed these at a southern New Mexico home where the ground is often times hard and dry. If you are working with gravel landscaping such as the type pictured, make sure no rocks fall into the pilot hole. They will interfere with the EZ YARD DOT installation if they are blocking the hole.

Drive the tool of your choice deep into the ground where you want your EZ YARD DOT. This will create a pilot hole and allow you to drive the EZ YARD DOT into the ground easier.

Sometimes even with a pilot hole, the EZ YARD DOTs can be slightly difficult to drive into the ground, especially with rocky landscaping. Lightly pound the EZ YARD DOT with a rubber mallet. We recommend combining this method with a prepared pilot hole for maximum efficiency. Do not force the EZ YARD DOT into the ground! 

And remember to keep the connectors facing away from the edge you are installing to.

At this point you are so close to enjoying your project. Since DEKOR Lighting provides 10’ or 20’ Plug-N-Play Connectors, neatly wrap the cords before you bury them up-cycling the twist ties that were originally packaging the cords. 

Do not worry about water damage. This product is 100% waterproof!

Begin burring the neatly bundled cord inside the shallow trench you created!

Remember the EZ YARD DOTs can be installed in grass lawns and can be covered again with mulch or a ground cover!

Wait for the sun to go down and POWER ON! 

Illuminate the light with EZ YARD DOTs by DEKOR Lighting.

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