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Power Your LED Lighting

Low voltage transformers convert the high voltage electricity that runs through your home into a safer, lower voltage that’s more suitable for an LED lighting fixture. Dekor® Lighting transformers convert energy efficiently, ensuring you can both save money and enjoy a bright, lasting glow.

We offer a variety of low voltage transformers for LED lights, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re looking for a dimmable transformer or a waterproof one, you’re sure to find it in our selection.

DEKOR® Lighting’s LED Light Transformers

DEKOR® offers several different LED light transformers, ranging from 24 to 200 watts. The biggest difference in our selection of products is whether they are designed for indoor or outdoor use. 

Outdoor Units

Outdoor LED light transformers feature more heavy-duty housing than their indoor counterparts. Outdoor units are waterproof and designed to withstand the elements and whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at them. These units allow you to illuminate your outdoor area, garden, driveway or pathway at night. 

Indoor Units

Indoor LED light transformers also feature a waterproof design but are smaller and more discreet than their outdoor counterparts. However, their smaller size doesn’t take away from their power — our indoor units are still equipped with the same fault protection as our larger outdoor ones. Their low-profile design makes it easy to hide them out of view in a cabinet or behind a piece of furniture.

Dimmable Options

The main luxury of having one of these units is the fact that you can dim or brighten your lights to meet your specific needs. Our transformers can be paired with a variety of aftermarket dimmers, allowing you to adjust the brightness or dimness as you see fit.

Benefits to Our Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

Our LED transformers give you the flexibility to adjust your lighting exactly to your liking. Whether you want to make your lights brighter or dimmer for aesthetic appeal, safety purposes, or simply to make things easier on the eyes, they can help you reach your desired effect. 

Other benefits include:

  • Variety of wattage options - We carry units in a range of wattage to meet your unique needs. 
  • Waterproof - Each unit is built with a waterproof design to ensure safety inside and outside your home. 
  • Versatile - Our dimmable transformers are designed to be used with just about any rheostat dimmer on the market. 
  • Easy-to-use - They are easy to install and operate on a day to day basis.
  • Warranty - All of our lighting transformers are covered under a 3-year warranty when used with DEKOR® lighting products, as well as a 2-year warranty when used with non-DEKOR® products.

Whether you’re lighting up an outdoor deck or your indoor staircase, DEKOR® has you covered with our assortment of both indoor and landscape lighting LED transformers. Not sure which product is right for your home? Contact us — our expert team is happy to help.

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