Quality Aluminum Post Caps, Post Cap Lights For Decks, Porches, Fences & Docks

Practical by day, breathtaking by night. These premium quality post caps, made of powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, are available in 8 great decorator colors and 5 light configurations. Waterproof, weatherproof, salt air resistant, and extremely durable, DEKOR™ post caps are suitable for deck posts, dock posts and fence posts, providing years of maintenance free beauty.

Our post caps are designed to fit dimensional lumber as well as composite and vinyl post sleeves. They are also compatible with CCA (pressure treated) wood. We have done extensive accelerated testing with the materials we use in our products and have found no degradation or negative effects.

For homeowners who appreciate quality, functionality and value when they buy for their homes, our lighted post caps present a win-win-win buy all round. They:

  • Protect deck posts from the elements (and rot, cracking, weathering)
  • Enhance the appearance of your deck (we offer a full suite of color coordinated deck products)
  • Use long lasting LED lightbulbs (no frequent bulb changes)
  • Use LEDs that are 15 times more energy efficient than incandescent lighting!)
  • Protect your investment with a 30/10 year warranty
  • Add subtle safety and security lighting to your home
  • Plug-N-Play Connectors for easier installation
  • Without drawing more flying insects (LED lights don't emit heat)
  • And add ambience and a warm, welcoming glow to your deck, dock or back yard, perfect for relaxing after hours!

In short, our LED lighted post caps help you get more enjoyment out of your deck, save energy, and add value, safety and security to your home. DEKOR™ lighted post caps are made from the finest materials available, for homeowners who appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and value when they buy for their home.

The Toughest, Most Durable Post Caps in the World!

DEKOR™ post caps are the toughest, most durable post caps in the world. You can run them over with a truck and they still remain intact and unharmed. In real world terms, DEKOR™ heavy duty aluminum post caps will endure hurricanes, hail, and more. When insurance companies fill insurance claims for hail damage, they insist on replacement post caps from DEKOR™.

  • Made of heavy duty cast aluminum, corrosion resistant ( Alodine™ coated )
  • Waterproof / Weatherproof / Salt Air Resistant / Hail Damage Resistant
  • 30 Year Warranty, made in USA

"It's nice to see quality means something to your company. We had purchased a bunch of your Rondi Post Caps and I was amazed how heavy they were and the overall "quality" of the product. If I hadn't found you guys I would have paid twice the price from another company for a product that doesn't even compare to yours."
Tom - East Hampton, CT

Energy Efficient LED Deck Lighting

Each post cap is lighted with 4 or 6 mini LED lights per side (depending on size) with 5 lighting configurations available. Light one side, two sides, three or all four to suit your deck design and provide light where you need it most.
Like all DEKOR™ deck lighting products, our lighted post caps feature

  • Long life LEDs with a 10 Year Warranty
  • Warm white sprectrum creates the ambiance of incandescent lighting
  • Fully dimmable using the DEKOR™ EZDIMMER