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There’s a reason why DEKOR® Lighting is a leading creator of innovative indoor and outdoor lighting.

It's because of our ability to deliver versatile lighting options for every home, crafted with unrivaled passion and focus. We’ve taken this dedicated mindset and directed it towards developing low voltage decking lights for everyone.

With your needs at top-of-mind, we’ve strategized simplified outdoor decking lights that accent your home’s style while delivering luminous light for all.


Meet the Savvy Solar Post Cap, one of our newest additions to the LED Deck Lighting collection, and also one of the most revolutionary. With a premium solar battery, unmatched warranty, custom dimming & timing options, and alternative Plug-N-Play™ charging, our first venture into the world of solar promises to deliver the brightest USA-made solar post cap on the market. 



Need a light that flexes and bends with the natural curves of your home? Look no further. Our Flex Deck Rope Light can be used to line pathways, light up a dark closet, emphasize a pool, and even illuminate under deck railings. Indoors or outdoors, this rope light puts forth an even, spot-free shine that brightens up even the darkest corners.

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NEW LED Stair LIghting

Our deck lighting can adapt to changing levels and transitional spaces, with stair lighting solutions possible for any and every home. With our LED stairway lighting, you can provide visibility and safety while creating an inviting and modern aura in your home that stays shining through it all. Our new Mini Recessed Stair Lights are available now!

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With our recessed Deck Dots™, you can find seamless outdoor decking lights that can walked on without damaging, fading, or breaking. And, our newest Mini Soffit Lights allow you to achieve that same seamless glow in a micro size, measuring only 2” long by 1/2” wide. Bring home the brightest recessed lighting on the market now!

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LED post caps

DEKOR® LED Post Caps give your deck polish and flair, with the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. With flexibility and versatility, you have complete control over your decking lights, allowing you to choose what is illuminated on your deck. Choose from our classic LED caps or new solar-powered post caps. 

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LED Post Lamps

Made with heavy-cast aluminum, our durable Post Lamps provide accented illumination that creates a soft, yet bright ambiance on your deck. With a simple installation into your deck posts, the deck lighting lamps cast down their brilliant LEDS and reveal the beauty of your home.

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LED Balusters

If you’re looking to add elegant accents and amplify your deck’s overall look, our low-voltage metal Balusters are a charming addition, providing stability and style while radiating bright. Skillfully handcrafted and individually welded, we create all balusters in house at our Denver factory, ensuring consistent quality and durability.

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LED Deck Panels

If you really want to change things up, our Decking Panels with intricate metal and glass designs can be the finishing touch your deck needs. You can opt for elegantly designed etched glass, or structured aluminum patterns, both illuminating the night and accenting your home beautifully with deck lighting.

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The perks of DEKOR® deck lighting kits

decking lights

Home-grown handcrafting
Our roots are in the USA, with all of our decking lights products being conceptualized, crafted, and completed at our factory in Denver, Colorado. We care about delivering top-tier deck lighting, which is why we take the time to produce all of our creations right here in the US. Before a product is available to the public, we run each and every item through multiple rounds of testing to make sure that you always get the deck lights you deserve.

decking lights

Patented Plug-N-Play technology
We’ve made it even easier to get the outdoor deck lighting setup of your dreams, with our user-friendly Plug-N-Play connectors. There’s no need for cutting or stripping wires with our tool-free plugs,and you don't have to track the polarity of your wiring to ensure correct connection. Simply plug male connectors into their perfectly shaped female counterparts to setup your decking lights in no time. This way, anyone can get the deck lighting experience of their dreams.

decking lights

Water & weather resistance
All of our outdoor decking lights are made to withstand heavy storms, snow, sunlight, and anything else that comes your way. With our waterproof transformer & light housing, your decking lights will stay protected from water damage and malfunctions. You don’t have to worry about your pool or sprinklers getting your deck wet, DEKOR® lights are made to withstand it all.

decking lights

Adjustable dimming options
With the DEKOR® EZ Dimmer, you can adjust the brightness of your decking lights with the click of a button. The EZ Dimmer is included with several deck lighting kits, and can be purchased separately to add custom control to your setup. Simply connect your EZ Dimmer to your EZ transformer to adjust and determine your ideal deck lighting brightness.

decking lights

Energy-saving innovations
DEKOR® lighting exclusively uses Cree LEDS with all decking lights, which harness eco-friendly technology to conserve your energy usage by up to 80% without losing luminosity. And, if you’re looking for an even brighter illumination for your LED deck lights, you can choose NextGen LEDS, which increase your brightness by 300% without raising your electric bills

Flex deck led rope light

Easy Installation. Even Shine. Endless Applications.

You won’t find a more flexible, versatile light anywhere else. Our engineers have taken the traditional, mediocre LED Rope Light and redesigned it to meet the same standards that we expect out of all of our other products.
First, we upgraded the LEDs and eliminated all the unsightly hot spots found in most rope lights to create the seamless shine you see. Then we updated the housing to make sure that this light can be used indoors and outdoors with no fear of water or weather damage. Finally, we added our heavy duty, extra strength 3M PSA Adhesive to make installation easier than ever.
Becuase of its versatility, this light is perfect for every home. There is no corner, curve, railing, edge or niche that the Flex Deck Rope Light cannot fit.
Solve your most complex lighting problems today.
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Seamless installation, stunning illumination

If you’re looking for decking lights that effortlessly blend into your life, our collection of recessed LED lighting is your answer. Our recessed low voltage deck lighting provides a perfectly flush alignment into any surface, allowing you to keep your lighting out-of-mind, but never out-of-sight. In fact, your deck lighting will fit so smoothly into your flooring, we invite you to walk right across it!
From our nearly invisible light strips to our Deck Dots™, we’ve formulated seamless lighting for every surface in your home. With perfectly flush alignment, installing your recessed lighting is simple and straightforward, using step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. And, our deck lighting systems always use protected wiring and a waterproof EZ transformer, so you can relax knowing your recessed lighting is here to stay, no matter what weather comes your way.
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Exceptional style, extraordinary shine

You deserve lighting that makes a statement.

Deck lighting that transforms and innovates, and makes your home shine like no other. With our DEKOR®collection of handcrafted LED Balusters, you can have all that and more. Create the deck of your dreams with our patented illuminated balusters that elegantly accent your deck while lighting up for all to see. Whether you choose our graceful Basket Balusters, bold Casey Collar Baluster, or tried-and-true Classic Balusters, you can find the perfect accent for your home.

We want everyone to experience the breathtaking effect of our metal balusters on their deck, which is why we’ve developed multiple sizing options to fit every home. Offered in 3 heights of 26”, 27”, and 32”, you can find the perfect fitting for your deck lighting. On top of our multiple sizing options, we also offer varied shape options, with round or square rails, allowing you to custom-create your decking style and overall look. With all of our baluster shape options, we also offer the matching end-cap, allowing you simply install your railing with no fuss or stress. And, we even have stair end-caps available, as well as screw install end-caps, ensuring you always find your perfect decking lights setup.
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LED post caps

Refined design, radiant charm

When you want to accent your home with contemporary lighting that adds refinement and flair, look no further than our LED Post Cap collection. Topping off your deck with our individually crafted aluminum light fixtures, use our Post Caps as a guiding light in the dark, as well as a source of style.

With DEKOR® Post Caps, you can put your faith in our extensive and individual creation process.
Each post cap is made with a die-cast aluminum housing, and powder-coated with a variety of color options available. Plus, our post caps are simply installed, so you don’t have to be an expert to achieve the deck of your dreams. And best of all, the lamps rotate a complete 360 degrees, allowing you adjust the direction of lighting to your ideal positioning. The simplicity and beauty of our LED Post Caps is plain to see, lighting up your home and adding a radiant touch for years to come.

LED stair lighting

Dynamic options, dependable brightness

Stair lighting can be difficult to find, and even more difficult to install. These problems are a thing of the past with DEKOR® LED stairway lighting. With lighting for your steps inside and out, you can increase visibility and safety while gracefully accenting your home.
With our collection of stair lighting, there’s always a bright solution for your set of stairs.
If you’re looking to add some light inside your home, our Indoor LED Recessed Stair Lighting can blend effortlessly into your steps without causing trips, falls, or damage. That way, your family can avoid twisted ankles or bruises from taking a wrong step. With our Outdoor LED Recessed Stair Lighting, having visibility and safety on your stairs is even more vital. Without the added light of the indoors, walking up your deck stairs can be risky in the dark of night. DEKOR® outdoor stair lighting seamlessly aligns with your step’s surfaces, making sure every step you take is the right one. And if you have concrete steps, our Step & Stair PAVERDOT™ kit delivers all of the illuminating solutions of our previous deck lighting with added compatibility for concrete installation. If you’re looking to take a step in the right direction, DEKOR® LED Stair Lighting is the solution for your home.

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Visual appeal, vivid glow

With DEKOR® decking lights, there’s always a way to get the illumination you demand without losing the artistry you desire.

Whether you choose our sturdy aluminum panels to complete your deck or our intricate glass panels to elevate your design, you can always find the perfect panels for you.

Welded by hand and tested for stability and strength, our aluminum panels add charm and elegance without an involved installation process. And, with both our aluminum and glass panel options, you can also choose to feature no lighting within the panels, instead opting for a decorative accent to your decking. And, there’s sizing options that allow you to find the ideal fit for your deck’s height, with panels that are 26”, 27”, and 32” tall. Plus, there are 7 color options in our classic powder coating for both the aluminum & protective casing on the glass panels.
No matter what your preference, your home will stand apart with a one-of-a-kind glow.
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LED post lamps

Simple setup, stunning shimmer

Reinventing the possibilities of your deck, our LED Post Lamps allow you to add unique glow with a simple installation into your deck or fence posts. Welded from cast aluminum, our versatile decking lights lamps spur opportunity and creativity, giving you the chance to customize your yard like never before.
Available in 5 different styles and lighting directions, your deck lighting possibilities are varied and defined. With the Holly and Tear Drop lamp styles, your brilliant Cree LEDS are encased in classic shapes and forms while providing simple setup and installation. If you want to add illumination and detail to your deck or fence, our Elite Bidirectional lamp projects bright light from the top and bottom of the mounted fixture, doubling up the shimmer and shine. And, if you want to customize the direction of your deck lighting even further, our Directional Petite Post Lamp is an adaptable unit of 3 individual compact lights. Each light has the ability to be turned and adjusted, changing your lighting direction and giving you added options.
With all DEKOR® Post Lamps, the ability to customize your deck lighting experience is elevated even further, with 7 powder-coated color options for every lamp. When you choose DEKOR® Post Lamps, you choose lighting that integrates effortlessly into your home, while adding charm and sophistication.

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Dekor Lighting

Put your trust in our warranty

With all of our DEKOR® Lighting, we always make it a point to include a warranty that makes your life a little easier. Accidents happen, and things go wrong, but we’re here to help. As long as you use our decking lights with our DEKOR® transformer, you’re protected from workmanship flaws or mess-ups for 10 years. And, our powder coating is under warranty for a whopping 30 years, so you can ensure your deck lighting always looks polished.

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