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Outdoor Recessed Lighting Solutions

You deserve outdoor lighting that seamlessly blends into your life — aligning perfectly flush with any surface and withstanding any storms, snow, or sun that comes your way. Our collection of low voltage, integrated LED Recessed Lighting and Dek Dots™ does all that and more.

Here’s a look at the different types of under deck lighting and flush mount options we offer for your outdoor space.

Recessed LED deck dots

Our second generation of low-voltage 12VDC LED recessed deck lighting introduced Dek Dots™ to the DEKOR® lineup. These LEDs offer many benefits, including:

  • Simple installation
  • Flush mount alignment
  • Virtually undetectable housing
  • Green LED technology
  • Completely water-resistant - cannot be installed under water

What sets our deck dots apart from our other deck LEDs is their transparent polycarbonate covers, which allows them to blend into the surface undetected. In addition to providing the perfect amount of light the polycarbonate housing makes this product completely water resistant. This little cover isn’t just for show, though, as it is tougher than the strongest aluminum on the market, pound for pound. Polycarbonate is also lighter and more affordable than stainless steel enclosures and easy to modify on-site. They are highly durable and will not dent.

Choose from multiple color options including classic warm white, amber, green, red and blue.

Recessed Stair Lighting

The DEKOR® collection of outdoor LED recessed stair lights enables you to illuminate your exterior and indoor steps and stairs, increasing safety and adding ambiance. 

These LED step lights are extremely versatile; they allow you to:

  • Cast a 30° angle of light upon your stairs, adding visibility and direction
  • Customize by simply turning the housing
  • Set up under deck by turning the housing upside down
  • Add stair riser light for better nighttime navigation

Our recessed step lighting is an ideal outdoor landscape lighting solution, great for use on the patio, dock and deck stairs, as well as for embedding into deck boards and concrete. 

Recessed up / down lighting

Increase safety around your home while creating a beautifully lit scene to display and enjoy with our collection of up / down lights. Perfect for under your porch, overhangs, decks, ceilings and even cabinets, they cast light directly down from the lamp. Easily installed into soffit lighting and laying perfectly flush with your surfaces, DEKOR® lights will add brightness and visibility inside your home and out.

Our lighting adapts depending on where you choose to mount it, transforming into uplighting when mounted within flooring, stair rails, deck posts (and go great with our post cap light options as well), decking, and more. Designed to be embedded into wood or composite materials, DEKOR® up / down LEDs can be used throughout your home in any room and space to give you a variety of lighting options.

The NexGen bulb option gives you 70+ lumens, which directionally emits light equivalent to incandescent lighting, though please note that it does not directly replace the directional qualities of incandescent bulbs.

Check out our full line-up of color options, including the original warm white LED, as well as amber, green, red, and blue packs. Our lights are also dimmable with DEKOR’s EZ Dimmer (SKU: ,EZDIMMERWP)

Flush Mount Deck Lighting Made Easy

All Dekor® products are made in the USA and come with a 10 year warranty. Best of all, they’re known for their:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship and quality
  • Long lasting durability and protection from the elements
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Innovative technology

Enjoy all these benefits today with our exterior recessed lighting! And if you’re not sure which product best meets your needs, consult our expert team. We'll make sure you get all of the connectors and accessories for your installation while ensuring that your setup meets the capacity of your power source and transformer..

Made In The USA

Unlike many competitors, we don’t outsource our materials or manufacturing to other countries. Every step of the process, from the initial stages of conception to the final product, happens in our DEKOR factory in Denver, Colorado. There, we envision new designs, develop efficient production methods, and run our products through multiple rounds of testing. This labor of love, backed by hours of research and hard work, is done to ensure we always deliver top-tier lighting to you.

DEKOR Lighting
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