solar post caps Setup-free simplicity

Because the Savvy Solar Post Cap relies on the sun’s rays to charge up the LEDs, there is virtually no setup needed when adding your new caps onto your deck posts. Simply slide your new Savvy Solar cap onto its designated post or post sleeve to seamlessly integrate style and shine to your deck. The robust weight and durable powder coating will keep your solar post caps closely adhered to your posts without any adhesive needed. To adjust the brightness or timing of your solar post lights, slide the cap back off, and using the included dual-head screwdriver, turn the dials to find your perfect shine.

Dekor Lighting Intelligent design

DEKOR®’s Savvy Solar Post Cap design echoes the best-selling style of our flagship LED Post Caps collection, with robust recycled aluminum housing and a clean silhouette. After countless revisions, developments, and updates, the Savvy Solar Post Cap perfectly encapsulates everything we aim to deliver to our customers: modern style, superior function, and subtle shape. The solar component of the cap is effortlessly integrated into the design to absorb optimal sunlight without intruding the sleek silhouette.

Dekor LightingSustainable shine

By integrating DEKOR® solar post lights into your deck, you’re effectively removing a degree of dependence on your home’s electrical provider. While seemingly small, the energy consumed by everyday home products can add up over time. With the addition of DEKOR® LED Savvy Solar Post Caps, you can lighten the load of electrical usage and transition your home into the age of sustainable and forward thinking. Together, we can create a brighter, more independent lighting system that enables you to stretch your dollar without sacrificing quality.

Dekor LightingStormy day protection

Even in the sunniest of states, there’s always a cloudy day ahead. To better serve our customers, we’ve enabled our Savvy Solar Post Caps to charge alternatively with an external power source on the days where the solar energy runs low. Ensuring there’s no loss of light or ambiance, simply pop off your post cap, connect the optional Plug-N-Play™ connector to a DEKOR® transformer, and plug into an available interior outlet to charge indoors. That way, when rainy days overtake your home, your deck can still shine with DEKOR®.

Post Light Adaptable options

DEKOR® solar post caps are offered in the same dimensional sizes as the original LED Post Caps collection, with 6 popular cap sizes to serve a broader range of deck setups. Additionally, DEKOR® Savvy Solar Post Caps are offered in all 7 of our popular powder coatings: Antique Metal Black, Dark Copper Vein, Brown Speckle, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Gloss Black, Black Gold, and Hammered White. And, the Savvy Solar Post Cap is available in 5 lighting configurations, depending on your deck setup. This integrated selection was chosen based on popular deck color schemes, best-selling choices, and universally appealing shades.

solar post capsSuperior battery source

The Li-Ion Polymer battery within the cap housing is the heart and soul behind our new solar post lights. Without a reliable, efficient source of power, the absorbed solar energy will not be fully converted into DC energy, effectively wasting the sunlight your solar cell spent all day collecting. With our premium power source, your solar post caps use the same cutting-edge battery technology found in all modern cell phones, ensuring maximum charging capacity and minimal degradation over time. Using this prime battery as the source for solar energy conversion, your solar post lights will charge up with optimized efficiency and rapid response.

Smart Home LightingSmart charging indication

To simplify the charging process and ensure lasting shine, all Savvy Solar Post Caps are equipped with smart changing indicators. When you set your new solar post caps to your ideal brightness and lighting schedule, the smart solar technology will be able to calculate if enough solar energy has been generated to stay illuminated according to your settings. If your schedule exceeds the capacity of your currently charged solar post lights, the caps will blink several times to indicate an energy deficit before staying on as long as it can. If you see blinking, you can simply let your post run as long at the battery allows and wait for sunnier days ahead, adjust your settings, or charge it up using the alternative charging method.

solar post caps
solar post caps
solar post caps
solar post caps

As the name implies, our solar post caps require a healthy dose of sunlight to stay illuminated. All day, the solar cell found at the top of your cap slowly absorbs the sun’s rays, and from there, that energy is converted into DC electricity to charge up your LED lights. With such a complex process at work, it is important to consider the level of sunlight your solar post lights have the capacity to absorb.

If you’re living in a cloudy state, or a state with ever-changing weather and a difficult temperament, collecting adequate levels of solar energy can be quite the challenge. Now, with our manual battery charging option, you can always pop off your cap and charge it indoors to prep for cloudy days ahead. However, as a trusted consumer brand, we at DEKOR® think there may be more ideal post cap options to be found for your cloudy conundrum.

solar post caps
solar post caps
solar post caps

The Savvy Solar Post Cap was designed to reflect the style, shape, and shining quality of our pioneer LED Post Caps collection. With the same recycled aluminum housing, dimensional powder coating, and top-of-the-line Cree LEDs, you can achieve the same glowing effect of our solar post caps without the sunny requirements.

To learn more about our elite LED Post Caps collection, hear it first from DEKOR® owner & founder, Duane McCall.

Choose from three distinctive LED Post Cap styles to elevate your deck with simplicity and ease. If your heart is set on the Savvy Post Cap’s design, our Flat Post Cap with Top Light is almost an exact match in silhouette and shape. Or, choose from our classic Flat Post Cap style or Pyramid cap for a timeless finish that’s sure to shine.

All DEKOR® LED Post Caps are available in 6 different lighting configurations, including the Savvy Solar Post Cap.

And, all of our Post Caps are offered in 6 popular post cap/sleeve sizes:

Little Rondi - 3 1/2”

Rondi - 4 1/8”

Rondi - 4 9/16”

Rondi - 5 1/8”

Grande - 5 1/2”

Big Kahuna - 6”



The next step in the DEKOR® evolution

Here at DEKOR®, we’ve developed a core set of values that reflect our mission as both a brand and key provider of home lighting. Those values are focused on quality, innovation, and compassionate customer service.

By staying true to these core values, we’ve been able to expand, elevate, and enhance the DEKOR® lighting experience for all.
We aim to achieve the same level of quality, innovation, and customer service with our new solar post caps collection, which is why we’ve dedicated the past few years to perfecting the final product design and performance.

Bring your home into the modern age and experience the unrivaled DEKOR® difference with our new solar post caps collection.

solar post caps


7 color options

6 sizing options

5 lighting configurations

0 setup


Your solar post cap controls

Order solar post caps by DEKOR®

solar post caps


Like all other aspects of our solar post caps, DEKOR®’s newest product outshines all others in the market with our unwavering warranty standards. When you purchase a Savvy Solar Post Cap, your new solar deck light is protected with our no-questions-asked warranty of 3 years. And, the powder coating on our cap is protected for a whopping 30 years to ensure your deck looks polished and shining for years to come.


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