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If you’re looking to add ambiance, visibility, and dimension to the interior of your home, DEKOR® carries a variety of illuminating LED under cabinet and under counter lighting solutions that will leave a lasting impression. Create a glowing effect that seamlessly blends into your home in the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to add accent lighting or a spotlight design to create a focal point, you’ll find it at DEKOR®. 

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

There’s an endless amount of ways to integrate this type of lighting into the interior décor of your house. Our LED under counter and cabinet lights are flexible, versatile, and built to last.


DEKOR®’s Under Cabinet Light Bar collection is dimensional and dependable, with 2 different sizing options, 12” and 20”. They are ideally suited for larger spaces, radiating a warm white light (3000° color temperature) with a housing that can be easily concealed into your design. 

With 400 - 600 lumens contained in a single bar, these are 30% brighter compared to most others on the market. Each fixture casts a 120º downward angle, providing a warm ambiance that accentuates your home.


Cut, dice, slice, and serve food confidently with DEKOR®’s High Output LED Under Cabinet Disc Spot lights. At only 0.33” tall, add needed shine to your kitchen without taking up space.

The compact design holds 42 individual LED components and over 250 lumens, using only 2.6 watts of power to save on energy. Installation is stress-free and versatile. Add to your workspace, corner cabinet, or even closet for increased visibility.


With a full 360º swivel and angled arm, our Directional LED Under Cabinet Spot Light can be focused where you want it, and adjusted when you need it. Point towards something you want to showcase or somewhere you want visibility.

Built with industry-grade stainless steel surrounding a 2.2 watt LED, this fixture is only 3.3” tall. Seamlessly integrate into any kitchen, bathroom, study, display area, and beyond.

The On/Off Switch means you can use when needed. Plug-N-Play connectors easily allow you to connect this product with our complete collection of under cabinet lighting.


DEKOR® NOSEEEM LED Strip Lights give you the power to illuminate without taking up space. At a mere 5/16” high, the unique, innovative design conceals the source, yet puts out unmistakable shine.

The powder-coated aluminum housing makes these a durable choice. Install NOSEEEMs under cabinetry, inside kitchen cabinets themselves, in your closet, under handrails, or even in a truck bed. They add subtle accent lighting, task lighting, safety and more.


Versa LED Strip Lights are custom cut to pre-set lengths to ensure they fit perfectly into your home. Ideal for hard-to-fit spaces including drawer interiors, closets, and beneath countertops, these strips can be used in many places in addition to your cabinets.

With a durable 3M adhesive backing, they are easy to install, and require just a small hole to thread the wiring. This industry-grade adhesive stands strong through wear and tear, and gives Versa the added bonus of indoor and outdoor use.

Features & Benefits

Here’s a bit more about the features and benefits of these DEKOR® products:

  • Low-profile, concealed design - Because all of these products are designed to fit snug in into their space, you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way. 

  • Easy installation - We create our products with DIY installation in mind.

  • Flexible function- These products are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, and almost any other indoor space. Place them in an area to increase visibility and safety, add them to a room for extra charm and appeal, even use them to showcase your prized possessions. 

  • Customizable controls and accessories - To increase the customization capabilities, ease of use, and simplicity of setup, we offer accessories to make life a little easier. There’s motion sensor control options, connector cables, wireless switches, dimmer kits, 4-way splitters, and more. 

  • Energy efficient shine - Our exclusive partnership with Cree LEDs ensures that our LED lights produce a stunning shine without producing excessive energy usage. They are low voltage and can reduce energy use up to 80%. If the classic LED shine isn’t bright enough for you, our NextGen LEDs increase brightness by 300% without spiking your electric bills.

    Shop our complete collection of LED under cabinet lighting options, and contact our team of experts with any questions on finding a solution that’s right for you. 


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Spark inspiration from our very own CEO

See how DEKOR® founder and owner, Duane McCall, brings his kitchen to life with a splash of under cabinet lighting and LED accents.

Beyond kitchen lighting, Duane takes you through his home, inside and out, to show how every space can shine with DEKOR®.

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DEKOR Lighting

DEKOR Lighting, a leading company in the LED lighting industry, knows the importance of a quality, beautiful product that works for all ranges of skill levels from DIYers to the professionals. Every product is backed by extensive testing and analysis, and all products are manufactured in-house to the order in the United States with their home located in Denver, Colorado.

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