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LED Landscape Lighting Kits For Every Yard

If you’re looking to bring your yard to life, Dekor’s diverse collection of landscape lighting is your answer. With illuminating solutions for nearly every yard, garden, pathway, and beyond, you can always find your perfect shine. 

Explore our low voltage LED pathway lights and garden lights to discover your yard’s next shining addition. And with DEKOR®’s unrivaled warranty, you can rest easy knowing you truly have landscape lighting for life.

Pathway Lights & Walkway Lights

Illuminate your yard like never before with DEKOR®’s shining collection of pathway lights that add ambiance, visibility, and security to any space. We offer a variety of path light options, so you can find the perfect one for your unique outdoor space:

  • Mushroom style: By designing the light with a classic dome shape, the brilliant Cree LEDS cast a striking shine that smoothly cascades from the dome. Ideal for lining stone, wooded, and cement pathways.
  • Empress style: These accent LED path lights enhance and elevate any space. Available in 6 powder coated colors that complement your home’s decor and style
  • EZ Yard Dots: These fixtures are embedded into the ground, making them the ultimate ground effect edge landscape feature. Ideal for lining driveways, walkways, patios, and pathways.

Garden Lights

If you’re looking to let your lawn and foliage bloom with shine and sparkle, our versatile and dimensional LED lights for gardens achieve all that and more. Choose between our many versatile options, including:

  • Landscape spotlights: We offer a variety of LED spotlight options, so you can decide how you highlight your garden. Our designs include telescoping and high output LED so your trees, shrubs and flowers stand out.
  • Ground well lights: These tiny LEDs are multi-functional and can find their home under a tree, in a garden, on a lawn, or along a pathway. 
  • Puck lights: Compact puck LEDs make uplighting easy. Choose from 6 natural powder coating finishes to accentuate any garden feature.
  • Multipurpose lighting fixture: With a simple yet graceful form, this Sidewalk Pathway Light combines multiple forms and functions to become a universal solution for all.
  • Spot and tree gang lights: With two or three light modules, these products allow you to illuminate multiple elements of your yard simultaneously. Easily adjustable and can support up to 5 fixtures.

The DEKOR® Difference - LED Landscape Lights

At Dekor Lighting, we’re proud of the time, attention and testing we put into ensuring each LED we produce is high quality, easy to use, and durable. You’ll find these benefits when you choose our low voltage LED lighting kits and fixtures:

  • Quality craftsmanship: Every Dekor product is handcrafted in the USA.
  • Proven durability: All products go through rigorous testing to ensure longevity and resistance to the elements. If you’re looking for reliable, waterproof landscape lighting, Dekor has you covered.
  • Energy efficiency: All of our landscape products use waterproof CREE LED bulbs, which are 25% brighter than incandescent bulbs and long lasting.
  • Multiple color options: In addition to the classic warm white lights, many of our landscape lighting products come in multi-color packs, which includes amber, green, red and blue options.
  • Easy installation: Our Plug-n-Play technology allows for easy DIY installation.
  • Dimmable landscape lighting: The lights can be dimmed using a Dekor dimmer, to control the ambiance of your space.

If you’re unsure which product will work best in your yard, reach out to our expert team. We’re happy to answer your questions and help guide you to the right outdoor lighting solution. And rest assured knowing All Dekor products are backed by our industry-leading warranties.

Original LED Landscape Lights Made In The USA

Unlike many competitors, we don’t outsource our materials or manufacturing to other countries. Every step of the process, from the initial stages of conception to the final product, happens in our DEKOR factory in Denver, Colorado. There, we envision new designs, develop efficient production methods, and run our products through multiple rounds of testing. This labor of love, backed by hours of research and hard work, is done to ensure we always deliver top-tier lighting to you.

DEKOR Lighting
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