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Enhance Your Outdoor Decor With LED Garden Lighting

LED garden lights are a simple yet elegant way to highlight your yard’s natural features. In addition to adding ambience to your outdoor garden, they can provide extra security and safety, make it easy to host social gatherings at night, and ensure pathways are always accessible.

Whether you’re looking to illuminate specific areas of your outdoor space or brighten up the entire garden, Dekor Lighting can provide you with high-quality LED landscape lighting options.

Choosing the Right Low Voltage Garden Lights

Everyone’s landscape is different, and we’re here to help you find the right LED lights for your garden. Here’s a breakdown of the different outdoor lighting solutions we offer:

Multipurpose lights

Both our Radiance Landscape and Ginny Landscape lights are designed for maximum versatility. Whether you’re looking to feature a specific flower arrangement or trees, you can utilize the different positioning and swivel options to achieve the exact aesthetic effect you want.

Landscape spotlights

Want to establish a clear focal point in your garden? Looking for a security light to add extra visibility during the night? We offer multiple garden spotlight products so you can find the right one to fit your needs. Our telescoping option is perfect for illuminating a specific feature, and the high output option can serve as an effective flood light. Both offer a discreet look so they blend into the landscape when not in use.

Puck lights

Puck lights are a subtle addition to your garden that allows you to softly highlight anything from a tree to a corner of the yard. These disk lights can also be utilized for recessed lighting and can easily be positioned on any surface - no digging required. Choose from our classic white and festive colored products.

In-ground well lights

Well lights are used to illuminate taller features in the yard without being visible. This discreet option is great for casting light on a tree, foliage, shrubbery or hardscape features. Our well landscape uplight comes with a spike so you can easily position it.

LED path lights

Pathway lights are designed to cast a shine downward so people can safely use sidewalks at any time. This extra visibility can be used as a safety measure as well as an intentional design feature. Dekor’s path light also offers a multi-purpose design so you can move it or reposition the beam angle as needed.

Spot and tree gang lights

Multi fixture lights are the perfect way to put a spotlight on different garden features at once. Dekor offers both spot and tree gang products, with both 2 and 3 fixture options. Depending on your needs, you can house up to 5 fixtures and change the angle and rotation of each individual module.

Benefits of Choosing Dekor

When shopping for outdoor lighting, quality is essential. You want a product that’s designed specifically for the outdoors and is built to last. Dekor offers all of that and more:

  • Handcrafted quality: Every product is handmade in the United States. Our factory is located in Denver, CO.
  • Designed for durability: Our products are waterproof and designed specifically for the outdoors. They all go through extensive environmental simulation testing, which ensures they can withstand extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, sun, snow, and more.
  • Warm white light: Dekor LEDs offer the perfect balance of sharp visibility and a warm glow, making it a great addition to nighttime aesthetics.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs: LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, which means they’re friendly to both the environment and your budget.
  • Easy DIY installation: No professional installation needed, thanks to Dekor’s simple Plug-n-Play technology.

Discover the Dekor difference today. Not sure which product is right for your home improvement project? Reach out to our experts.

Made In The USA

Unlike many competitors, we don’t outsource our materials or manufacturing to other countries. Every step of the process, from the initial stages of conception to the final product, happens in our DEKOR factory in Denver, Colorado. There, we envision new designs, develop efficient production methods, and run our products through multiple rounds of testing. This labor of love, backed by hours of research and hard work, is done to ensure we always deliver top-tier lighting to you.

DEKOR Lighting
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