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LED Pergola Lights

Pergolas bring a dynamic, trendy feel to your backyard. They are beautiful as is — but that much more impressive when accompanied by twinkling lights.

Finding the Right Outdoor Pergola Lighting

Pergolas can serve many functions but are primarily intended to provide shade during the day and a lighted place to gather at night. 

This structure can also serve a decorative purpose, bringing visual interest to a variety of outdoor spaces. Lights that work for pergolas can also be applied to gazebos and porches, so you'll have no trouble finding inspiration for multiple projects.

A wide array of products can be used to illuminate your pergola. The following are Types of Pergola Lighting we offer here at DEKOR®:

  • Empyrean Pergola Lights - Keep wires out of sight with our new square LED light from DEKOR®. Specifically designed for pergolas, the Empyrean is a top option if you're not interested in outdoor string lights.
  • LED strip lights - Our NOSEEEM™ lights are small LED strips that are just 5/16″ high. This allows them to shine bright while keeping visitors guessing as to where, exactly, the light originates. If you're on the hunt for a discreet pergola lighting solution, this may be your best bet.
  • Rope lights - This adaptable solution may be preferred for deck rails, but it can also be applied to pergolas. Its steady light output provides an even glow, with custom cuts available for specific applications.
  • Up/down lights- These classic recessed lights can be embedded to make them almost flush with surfaces. Therefore they are tough to spot, but provide a beautiful shine.
  • Directional petite lights - Although typically relied on for deck posts, these versatile lights can also be used as soffit lighting for pergolas. Their 360-degree rotation allows them to be adjusted to direct their shine to specific locations.
  • Infinite strip lights - Named for the endless array of opportunities they provide, these unique strip lights are sold individually but attached as needed to create extended strips of DIY lighting.
  • Soffit flood lights - This impactful option is DEKOR’S smallest LED lighting component. Despite its diminutive size, it produces a dazzling effect. Its focused shine is ideal for bringing visibility to the darkest corners.
  • Radiance lights - Designed for vertical surfaces, these are easy to mount and work best if your pergola is situated near a wall.

Our pergola lights are easy to install and easy to work with thanks to our user-friendly Plug-N-Play™ technology. Simply plug male connectors into their matching female counterparts and watch your outdoor space light up! Each of our LED products come with a 10 year warranty, and are made right here in the USA. You can be sure you’re getting high quality products that will last. 

Features & Benefits of DEKOR® Products

Whether you opt for LED string lights, soffit fixtures, or some other solution for your pergola, porch, or other outdoor structure, you will be impressed by the range of DEKOR® options available. We provide not only versatility, but also, exceptional quality. Our products promote safety, efficiency, and durability.

The following are among the most notable features and benefits associated with our outdoor pergola lighting products:

  • DAY AND NIGHT VERSATILITY: You've worked hard to develop a comfortable and beautiful outdoor living space. Without proper lighting, however, this may only be accessible during the day. DEKOR® products bring a warm white glow to your space after the sun goes down.

  • INCREASED SAFETY ON DARK NIGHTS: Without lighting, the risks of spending time outdoors at night can be significant as people navigate stairs or poolside patios. Lights can be placed strategically to reduce the potential for accidents.

  • IMPROVED AMBIANCE: Pergola lighting should not merely be functional; it should provide the exact ambiance you desire. With dimmable or colored fixtures, your space could be cozy, festive, or even romantic.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS: Energy efficient LED bulbs and low-voltage systems allow you to bring functional and attractive lighting to outdoor areas with a small footprint.

  • DURABLE AND WEATHERPROOF: When stormy weather arrives, you hurry indoors — but what happens to your lighting fixtures? DEKOR® products are built with durability in mind to withstand rain, hail, high winds and other inclement weather.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our Plug-N-Play connector system makes for easy installation of DEKOR® products.

  • Wi-Fi REMOTE CONTROL: Pair our Empyrean product with our DEKORKONNECT™ Wi-Fi Controller for easy use.
  • A pergola enhanced with DEKOR® Empyrean LED Pergola Lighting.

    Made In The USA

    DEKOR Lighting

    DEKOR Lighting, a leading company in the LED lighting industry, knows the importance of a quality, beautiful product that works for all ranges of skill levels from DIYers to the professionals. Every product is backed by extensive testing and analysis, and all products are manufactured in-house to the order in the United States with their home located in Denver, Colorado.

    Level Up Your Outdoor Lighting With DEKOR®

    Are you ready to bring your outdoor living space to a whole new level of beauty and functionality? It's all possible with help from the many LED porch and pergola lighting products offered by DEKOR®. From square lights to LED strips, we provide everything you need to create a backyard environment you adore. If you’re looking to illuminate other backyard spaces, check out our full collection of products or contact us to learn more.

  • Energy Efficiency - Our exclusive partnership with Cree LEDS means our pergola lighting fixtures use eco-friendly technology. LED bulbs can reduce your energy usage by up to 80% while maintaining luminosity and brightness. Saving energy means saving money  on electric bills.
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