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Illuminate Your Space With LED Dock Lights

Have you been looking for waterproof, weather-resistant lights to brighten up your dock? Are you worried about a dock lighting system becoming a tripping hazard? Adding lights to your boat dock edges and space not only will upgrade the appearance, but can also improve the overall safety of the area.

Create an inviting outdoor space that comes to life at night by installing recessed dock lights into your dock, boat launch, and beyond.

Dock Dots LED Lighting Benefits

DEKOR® Lighting’s LED Dock Dots™ collection is the answer to your boat dock lighting needs because they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space long past the daylight hours. 

Using our trademark “dots” design from our best-selling Dek Dots™, we reinvented the product for nautical enthusiasts and boat owners alike. The difference with Dock Dots is the completely sealed wiring system that evades water damage, saltwater corrosion, freezing temperatures, and beyond. 

Here are a few of the benefits to choosing LED dock lights from DEKOR:

  • Water and Weatherproof - Durability is absolutely critical when installing dock lights. Our dock light kits are made to withstand saltwater, storms, snow, and excessive sun. An EZ waterproof transformer, sealed wiring, and dielectric grease seals and secures all connections while keeping your lights shining. Please note that these are not underwater dock lights and should not be submerged.
  • Dimming Capabilities - Dock Dots™ are intelligently designed with the ability to adjust brightness and find your ideal intensity. You can schedule your lights to turn on at a certain time and a certain brightness so you can easily create the ambiance you want. Choose from the EZ Dimmer or the EZ Wifi Controller and deliver the marine dock lighting look you’re after.
  • Energy Efficiency - Our exclusive partnership with Cree LEDS means our dock lighting fixtures use eco-friendly technology. LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and can reduce your energy usage by up to 80% while maintaining luminosity and brightness. Saving energy means saving money on electric bills.
  • Improved Dock Safety - When the sun goes down, parking your boat or relaxing on the dock can become more dangerous. Lighting up the entire area with bright white LED dock lights can improve safety and security for everyone. Increased range of vision with pathway light will help reduce the likelihood of falling into the water or missing your boat slip.
  • Durable Covers - Each of our lights has a transparent polycarbonate cover housing. These covers are nearly indestructible, and pound for pound tougher than the strongest aluminum or stainless steel. Even though each light has robust housing, the recessed design means they won’t actually get stepped on (even though they could!). These are better than low-profile lights - they are installed flush into your wooden dock so they stay hidden and out of the way.

Our dock lights are easy to install and easy to work with thanks to our user-friendly Plug-N-Play™ technology. Simply plug male connectors into their matching female counterparts and watch your outdoor space light up! Each of our LED products come with a 10 year warranty, and are made right here in the USA. You can be sure you’re getting high quality products that will last. 

Boat Dock Lighting Options

These versatile LED lights can also be used on dock stairs, steps, pathways, walkways, ADA ramps, and more. This innovative waterproof system is so adaptive, it can even serve as marine lighting when properly housed.

All Outdoor Recessed Dock Dots™ LED Light kits include compact low voltage 12VDC dock lights with Cree LEDs that shine bright white and stay hidden, heavy duty wires that you can customize to meet your specifications, and a container of dielectric grease. The standard bulb provides 38+ lumens and the NexGen bulb provides 70+ lumens. Shop the Complete Dock Dot LED Kit or the expansion 4 pack if you’re looking to add more lights to your complete Dock Dot set.  

If you’re looking to define your port and starboard sides of a dock for nighttime, check out our Starboard/Port Indicator Pack. With multicolor green and red illumination, you can use these waterproof navigation lights to signify each side of your dock correctly, ensuring you always make it home safely. You might also be interested in our petite post lamps for a single-direction post light / piling light option. (these are great for post deck lighting enhancements as well)

Easily create the loading dock lighting experience you want and shine bright to stand out from the crowd. Upgrade your dock lights now!

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marine dock lights and deck lights on a patio
boat dock lights and post cap lights turned on at night

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Made In The USA

DEKOR Lighting

DEKOR Lighting, a leading company in the LED lighting industry, knows the importance of a quality, beautiful product that works for all ranges of skill levels from DIYers to the professionals. Every product is backed by extensive testing and analysis, and all products are manufactured in-house to the order in the United States with their home located in Denver, Colorado.

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