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Landscape Uplighting Made Easy - No Digging Required!

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The Puck LED Landscape Light:

Create Dramatic Uplighting Effects

This low profile LED landscape light does one thing and does it well: uplighting. The light can be positioned on any yard surface, no digging required. The Puck Landscape Light can be placed to uplight the perimeter of a shrub, positioned to light a tree from the ground up or used to illuminate a 90° corner. The light can also be nestled in pebbles or stones for a very attractive “recessed” look. The light is available in 7 powder coat finishes to complement your landscape.

High Performance CREE LEDs

This inconspicuous light packs a lot of lighting punch for such a small package. It contains 19 high performance LEDs with high lumen output, high reliability, and a wide viewing angle, making it ideal for outdoor landscape lighting use. The Puck light is dimmable when used with the DEKOR’s EZDimmerWP.

Discrete Circuitry

The Puck Landscape Light has creative discrete circuitry; if you lose an LED, all the other LEDs will be unaffected.

Warm White Light

The Puck Landscape Light shares the same “warm white” color spectrum (3200° K) of our other lighting products. So your new landscape lighting will blend well with our other landscape lights, our paver lights, and garden path lights.

DEKOR Lighting

Made in America

Each Puck LED Landscape light is made with pride right here in Denver, Colorado. The CREE LEDs we use are from CREE’s Durham, NC manufacturing facility and the powder coating is done at Mile High Powder Coating, in neighbouring Englewood, Colorado.

Robust, Solid Construction

The Puck light is fairly heavy and won’t be blown around or washed away. The weight comes from the housing which is made of die cast aluminum.

Waterproof, Long Lasting, and Durable

The Puck light and the LEDs it contains are waterproof (IP 66) and will be unaffected by sprinklers, water jets, and rain. The aluminum housing is treated to resist corrosion before powder coating and UV protection is built into the powder coat formulation, making it long lasting and durable. Finally, we stand behind our new LED landscape light with our industry leading 5 year / 30 year warranty.

Puck Landscape Light Highlights

Warm White
Energy Efficient
Life Expectancy > 20,000 hours
5 year Warranty for lights
30 year powder coat warranty
Made in USA

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Puck Landscape Light Specs

Dimensions:  2.9” Diameter X 1” Deep Tall
Housing Material:  Die Cast Aluminum with Alodine and Powder Coating Finish
LED :  (19) Cree High Performance LEDs
Wire:  6’ Wire Pig Tail (22 gauge)
Power Efficiency:  1.32 Watts
Light Output:  208 Lumens
Light Color :  3200° Kelvin
Life Expectancy:  > 20,000 hrs
Waterproof:  Yes (IP rating 66)
Regulatory Compliance:  ETL (US and Canada) RoHS certified

These lights are waterproof.

(13) $32.20 USD

  • Dimmable CREE LEDs
  • Warm White Light
  • Robust, Solid Construction
  • Waterproof, Long Lasting, and Durable
  • Made in America

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