LED Soffit Flood Light – Indoor Kit

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The Soffit Flood Light allows homeowners to reawaken their home’s dark interiors and exteriors without taking away from its architectural beauty. Measuring 2″ long by 1/2″ wide, the new Soffit Light promises to deliver DEKOR®’s smallest LED lighting component ever. And, the durable aluminum housing is built to stand the test of time, with waterproof protection and sealed Plug-N-Play™ wiring. The Soffit Flood Light is available in a single light, 4 pack, indoor kit, and outdoor kit with a custom Forstner bit, timer, and transformer. Indoor Kit does not include timer. Patent pending.

The new Soffit Flood Light uses our beloved Plug-N-Play™ wiring, allowing every homeowner to upgrade their space with ease and simplicity. To create a connecting succession of Soffit Lights, simply plug each individual component into its female Plug-N-Play™ counterpart, and then connect each wire into the multi-port splitter. Once all lights are connected, close the gap by simply plugging the splitter cable into your DEKOR® transformer.

Built to last 
Your new Soffit Flood Light was developed, designed, and manufactured at our Denver headquarters, ensuring your lighting was built with integrity and reliability. Each soffit light is housed in a durable die-cast aluminum that wicks away moisture, ice, snow, and humidity, staying shining through it all. And with our prized Plug-N-Play™ wiring, your cables are sealed from any possible water damage as well, keeping your lighting intact and polished through icy winters and humid summers.

First-in-class LEDs
The Soffit Light harnesses the power of the latest LED technology by CREE LED®, optimizing your energy consumption without sacrificing shine. In fact, our new soffit lights promise to shine brighter and better than others on the market, creating colossal impact that can be seen by all. And the newest generation of Cree LEDS® are not only brighter, but they are more efficient, maximizing your budget and providing a lifelong return on investment.

Subtle silhouette
The new Soffit Lights are the smallest lighting component developed by our team, with a low-profile design that effortlessly blends in with your home’s surroundings. That way, you won’t have to obstruct your home’s natural silhouette in the name of lighting, but you can still achieve a sparkling effect that is both modern and elegant. With the new Soffit Lights installed in your home, you can have it all: undetectable, uncluttered elements by day, and unmistakable, unforgettable lighting by night.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

DEKOR® Lighting

Made in the USA



Cree LED®

Housing Material

Stainless Steel



Cable Length

5 ft, 10 ft


130 Lumens

Beam Angle


Power Draw

1.6 W



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  1. Greg S. (verified owner)

    Throw a lot of light for under 2 watts per. Thanks

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( 8 ) LED Soffit Flood Lights
( 8 ) 5′ Plug-N-Play™ Cables
( 8 ) 10′ Plug-N-Play™ Cables
( 1 ) Custom Ground Forstner Bit
( 1 ) Transformer 36 Watts
( 1 ) Indoor Timer
( 8 ) T-Splitters
( 1 ) 20 ‘ Transformer to Splitter Connector
( 1 ) Installation Instructions

The Soffit Flood Light requires the use of our custom Forstner bit for installation.

Follow along with our installation guide to set up your Soffit Lighting in minutes.


Wiring Guide

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