Mini Recessed Stair Light – 4 Pack


$154.73 USD

The Mini Recessed Stair Light allows you to customize your lighting effect with two simple snap-on faces. There are two face styles (trio and slim), with each style offered in two colors (brown and black). The Mini Recessed Stair Light 4 Pack comes with five of each face style.

Mini recessed stair lights provide a stunning amount of light from a very small package. minimal obstruction on your stairs. customize your lighting effect with included simple snap-on facesplates in two styles, trio and slim. each faceplate style is offered in two colors, brown and black, both are included with each light

Additional information

Weight 0.095 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.625 × 2 in



0.5” body, 0.625” face




Stainless Steel Housing, Copolyester Face


6” Plug-N-Play Female


Trio: 8 lumens, Slim: 10 lumens

Power Draw


Color Temperature



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  • (4) Mini Recessed Stair Lights
  • (5) 5’ Plug-N-Play Male to Male Cables
  • (1) 6-port Plug-N-Play Splitter
  • (2) Screws
  • (5) Trio faces in black
  • (5) Trio faces in brown
  • (5) Slim faces in black
  • (5) Slim faces in brown

The faces have tabs that will break if the face is removed, and are not designed to be applied to the light more than once.

Do NOT use a hard hammer to attach the face to the light or when installing, as it may break the face and/or lens behind it.

Follow along with our DIY installation guide & FAQs to set up your Mini Recessed Stair Light in seconds.

Wiring Guide

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