Step & Stair Paver Dot™ Light 4 Pack with 10 Ft Cables

Starting At: $91.82 USD

Step and stair Paver Dot™ lights with 10 ft cables cast light with a 30° angle for illuminating hardscape stairs and steps. Embed in concrete, pavers, brick, or stone. Our hardscape stair lights are available in convenient 4 Packs so you can add step or stair lighting to an existing Paver Dots™ Kit or customize your project in combination with other light selections. New NexGen™ LED option available.
This expandable 4 pack is designed to work in accordance with the complete kit. This 4 pack does not include a transformer, transconnect cable, or EZ Photocell Timer. In order to set up this 4 pack alone, additional purchase of mentioned accessories is needed.
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