Yard Dot LED Pathway Light Kit

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Yard Dot Kit – 8 LED  light kit for ground effect edge lighting along driveways, walkways, patios and paths. The kit includes a waterproof LED transformer with 10′ or 20′ cables.  Also available with our new NexGen™ LED option for even brighter light.


Long-lasting, low maintenance, lighting. made right here in the USA. Dimmable warm white light. Yard Dots LEDs emit light at 3200° K, and are dimmable with DEKOR’s EZDIMMERWP or their WiFi Dimmer and app. Safe and Certified. Yard Dots LEDs are safety rated and meet ETL, CE and RCM/CTick safety standards. CREE® LEDs. Yard Dots are built with high-quality CREE LEDs, known for their super bright light, long life and superior energy efficiency. DEKOR® is a CREE® LEDs Branding Partner.

Additional information

Weight 5.15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3.5 in

ETL, CE (Europe), RCM (Australia)

Housing Diameter


Housing Material


Light Color Temperature

3200 K


Made in the USA

Pigtail Length

6 " in & out with a female Plug-N-Play connectors






10ft Cables with PLUG-N-PLAY Connectors, 20ft Cables with PLUG-N-PLAY Connectors +$11.95

CREE LED Options

Standard LED – 38 Lumens, New NexGen LED – 70+ Lumens +$37.87

Controller Option

EZ Dimmer w/ Teachable Remote, Standard EZ Photocell Timer, Upgrade to WIFI Controller

Transformer Option

Standard EZ (36W Transformer), Upgrade to EZMAX (60W Transformer), Upgrade to EZMAXC (100W Transformer), Upgrade to EZMAX200 (200W Transformer)

Power Consumption

Power Consumption (standard): 0.5W, Power Consumption (NexGen): 1.2W

7 reviews for Yard Dot LED Pathway Light Kit

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I have 25 of the Yard Dot Lights with NexGen LED’s installed along a circular driveway and have been very pleased with them. Have received many compliments from neighbors and others. The driveway is bordered by a fescue grass lawn and the lights were installed in the grass directly adjacent to the pavement. They were positioned such that they protrude about 3 inches above the ground level which made the light less obstructed by the grass. Also cut 1 -1/4” black PVC pipe into 4” sections to make protective collars to slip over the top of the lights such that the top edge of the PVC was flush with the top edge of the black part of the light fixture. This collar does a great job of protecting the Yard Dot Lights from grass trimmers. The ONLY problem we’ve had with this setup has been people running off the driveway and smashing the lights down into the ground. Hard to believe some folk can’t drive any better than that – the driveway is 12‘ wide! For those occurrences, it’s been a real pain to dig out the lights and restore them to their original position. Amazingly, none of the lights have been damaged other than the pointed lower tip being bent.

    We’re now planning on creating an 8” border to the driveway using smooth river rock averaging roughly 6-8” x 4” x 3” and repositioning the lights to be in the middle of that border and flush with or slightly below the top edge of the rocks forming the border. Retrospectively, it’s unfortunate that we left next to no slack in the 10’ sections of Direct Bury wire between the lights and feel like we’re probably going to need to add about 1’ of wire to each end of those 10’ premade cables. What is the best way to splice in such extension pieces that would be strong enough and waterproof?

    Thanks for your help with this question.

  2. Peter W. (verified owner)

    The pathway light kit is a great product of high quality and is very easy to install. I would definitely buy this kit again or any other products made by Dekor given the great experience with this company. Thanks

  3. Jason J. (verified owner)

    These lights are easy to install and look amazing

  4. John (verified owner)

    Good value and everything you need. I added 8 additional lights to the kit. These dots shine up more than out which was the look I wanted to light a path and light up the house. If you are looking for subdued downward shining path lights these would not be the right choice. I spaced my dots every 4 feet. I would not space them more than 4 feet. Be careful when you plug the cords into the lights. Line up the pins. It is a tight fit but gave me confidence that it is a good waterproof connection. If you have any unused plugs on you lights I would put some electrical tape over the plug to keep out dirt and water. Each light comes with 10 feet of cord. The transformer comes with 20 feet of cord. The 10 foot cord is more than you would need for 4 foot spacing so you have to figure out what to do with the excess. I plugged in the timer inside and mounted near a window in the garage and plugged the transformer into the timer then just ran the small low voltage cord outside through a small hole to the outside. I have received many complements about the lights.

  5. Linda D. (verified owner)

    We love how bright these lights are and how easy they were to install.

  6. Donna (verified owner)

    They light my way for early morning Lyft rides

  7. DAVID G. (verified owner)

    Good value and easy to set up. Placed along my driveway and the hardest part was just digging the shallow trench for the cables. Easy connections and ground insertion. Looks great!

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EZ Yard Dot Kit Package Contents


Each kit contains:

( 7 ) Yard Dots LED Light Elements with 2 connector ends (to connect from light to light)
( 1 ) Yard Dots LED Elements with 3 connector ends ( for splitting run into different directions)
( 1 ) Outdoor Waterproof Power Driver (36 watts)
( 1 ) Photocell Timer (dusk to dawn Timer) with variable timed off settings
( 1 ) Transformer to Splitter WP Connector 20’ length
( 7 ) PLUG-N-PLAY 10’ or 20′ Cables
( 1 ) Installation Instructions

7 of the light elements have 2 connectors for power in and power out to the next light. One light has 3 connectors for power in, power out and connection to transformer out to be used to split the run of light into two directions.

The power supply/transformer included with this kit supports up to THIRTY (30) YARD DOTs with standard LEDs or TWENTY (20) YARD DOTs with NexGen LEDs.

If you are ordering additional YARD DOT LEDs with your kit, you can request to upgrade your transformer when you purchase online.

Wiring Guide

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