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Find a Pro

Find a DEKOR® product installer/designer near you.  Simply fill out the form below and we will refer you to a DEKORPRO™ Preferred Contractor or Designer servicing your area.

A DEKORPRO is an installer or designer we are confident in recommending, based on their experience with our products as well as our history and long-term relationships with the company.  A DEKORPRO installer has to produce a contractor license and proof of current general liability insurance to be eligible for the program.

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    We value your privacy. This information is required strictly to match you up with a qualified DEKORPRO. It will not be shared with anyone or used for marketing purposes.

    Please note: DEKORPROs are independently owned and operated companies and are therefore entirely responsible for the quality and warranty of their installations; you should still do your own due diligence as you would for any other installer or contractor before you hire.