Wirelessly control your DEKOR® installation from anywhere in the world. Fine-tune brightness, set schedules, and see the status of all your zones from the easy-to-use Bond Home app, even when you’re nowhere near home.

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Compatible Home Automation Systems

  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • SmartThings
  • Homebridge
  • Control 4
  • Elan Home Systems
  • RTI
  • Hubitat

1. Connect the Hardware

With the power supply unplugged, attach the long lead of the DEKORKONNECT™ box to the output of your 12VDC DEKOR® power supply.

Then, connect the Transconnect cable that leads to your lights to the shorter socket on the DEKORKONNECT™ box.

Hardware Setup for DEKORKONNECT

2. Get the App

Download the Bond Home app from your device’s app store.

When prompted, enter the information requested to create an account and sign in to the app.

Android phone showing BOND home login screen

3. Add a DEKORKONNECT™ Wireless Controller to the App

Plug in KONNECT box

Plug the 12VDC power supply into a GFCI-protected outlet. You will see the “WIFI STATUS” LED on the controller come on. It will begin blinking red, telling you the device is ready for setup.

If the red “FAULT” LED is on, the polarity is reversed. Please check the keyed input connection and correct the polarity before proceeding.

In the Bond Home App, tap the blue “+” icon to add a new Smart By Bond device. The app will identify any unclaimed DEKORKONNECT™ products and display their unique ID.

Tap the first ID and follow the steps in the app to configure the DEKORKONNECT™ controller on your WiFi network.

Once your device has been added, you can customize the appearance and behavior of a zone of DEKOR® LED lights.

DEKOR® cares about your privacy and treats your personal information with the same care as we treat our own. Your information is handled according to international security and privacy standards, and we do not store any personally identifying information entered into the app.

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