Wifi Landscape Lighting Controller

DEKORKONNECT WIRELESS CONTROLLERWirelessly control your DEKOR® installation from anywhere in the world. Fine-tune brightness, set schedules, and see the status of all your zones from the easy-to-use Bond Home app.

Let's Konnect

Compatible Home Automation Systems

  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • SmartThings
  • Homebridge
  • Control4
  • Elan Home Systems
  • RTI
  • Hubitat


Choose Your Led Lighting

**The controller is compatible with the DEKOR Plug-N-Play system and can be used to control up to 60W of LED Lights.


Figure Out Which Features You Want To Take Advantage Of

**The controller is compatible with the DEKOR Plug-N-Play system and can be used to control up to 60W of LED Lights.

Powered by ‘Smart By Bond’ Technology

Admittedly DEKOR® is the premier leader in LED Lighting Technology and what we aren’t is app builders. In the latest version of our Wifi lighting controller we have partnered with one of the best in the business Bond Home. Using their current integrations with all of the major smart home automation systems we are able to integrate all of our functionality in to one easy to use app. Also, by working with Bond you are able to operate your ceiling fan, DEKOR® Lighting, appliances, security system and more.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Voice-activated lighting from DEKOR® is now within speaking distance. Using our unique partnership between DEKORKONNECT and Smart By Bond technology, you can easily sync your Amazon Alexa smart assistant to the Bond App, creating voice-activated lighting in minutes. Ask Alexa, “Turn on my garden lights,” “Set my deck lights brightness to 50%”, or even “How bright is my back patio?” Ask Alexa and your DEKOR® lights will follow.

Anywhere Accessibility

DEKORKONNECT allows you to connect to your lights from virtually anywhere in the world. If you can access the internet, you can access your DEKOR® lights. Since the KONNECT is always connected to your Wi-Fi network it’s always available. If you forgot to turn off your deck lights before you left for work, no worries. Turn them off using the DEKOR® app. If you want to turn on your deck lights when you’re away from home to keep your family protected, do it on-the-go.

Brightness controls

With your smart home lighting, you can find your ideal brightness and light intensity with the touch of a button. To adjust your wifi controlled lighting, slide your finger around the brightness slider to dim or brighten your lights in real-time, with a brightness range of 0% – 100%. The far left of the slider is the darkest setting for your app controlled lights at 0%, and the far right is the brightest at 100%, allowing you to find your perfect LED wifi lighting fit.

Zone Creation

With the DEKORKONNECT wi-fi controller and app, your world is opened up to the endless power of smart home lighting. Easily create customized and integrated wifi controlled lighting zones. Simply purchase DEKORKONNECT’s for every lighting sequence you plan to use as app controlled lighting, connect them all to your network, and sync with the Bond Home app. For example, connect 1 Wifi Lighting Controller to your Deck Dots lighting and transformer, another for your pathway lighting, and one more for your under cabinet lighting. After connecting each smart home lighting zone to the Bond App you’ll be able to adjust, and schedule your lights accordingly.


Set Up The Dekor Konnect

Dekorkonnect Setup Instructions

Dekorkonnect Wifi Controller

1. Connect the Hardware

With the power supply unplugged, attach the long lead of the DEKORKONNECT™ box to the output of your 12VDC DEKOR® power supply.Then, connect the Transconnect cable that leads to your lights to the shorter socket on the DEKORKONNECT™ box.

2. Get the App

Download the Bond Home app from your device’s app store.

When prompted, enter the information requested to create an account and sign in to the app.

3. Add a DEKORKONNECT™ Wireless Controller to the App

Plug the 12VDC power supply into a GFCI-protected outlet. You will see the “WIFI STATUS” LED on the controller come on. It will begin blinking red, telling you the device is ready for setup.

If the red “FAULT” LED is on, the polarity is reversed. Please check the keyed input connection and correct the polarity before proceeding.

NOTE: WIFI controller has built-in overload protection; system will fault when used to control more than 60W of LED lights.  To reset: unplug transformer from power source, decrease control to 60W of LED lights or less, then plug back into power source.

In the Bond Home App, tap the blue “+” icon to add a new Smart By Bond device. The app will identify any unclaimed DEKORKONNECT™ products and display their unique ID.

Tap the first ID and follow the steps in the app to configure the DEKORKONNECT™ controller on your WiFi network.

Once your device has been added, you can customize the appearance and behavior of a zone of DEKOR® LED lights.