DEKORKONNECT™ WiFi Light Controller

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$99.00 USD

DEKORKONNECT™ enables wireless control of your DEKOR® installation from anywhere in the world. Fine-tune brightness, set schedules, and see the status of all your zones from the easy-to-use Bond Home app, even when you’re nowhere near home.
Obstructed range is 150 ft, with a range of 200ft plus unobstructed. Compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi Home Systems.
Curious about setup? Watch our quick setup videos below.

Brightness Control
With the Bond Home App on your mobile phone, you can adjust the brightness of your lights with a slider, ranging from 0% to 100%. This is the easiest way to control all of the connected lights in your house without searching for a switch in the dark. Light Zone Creation
Create lighting schedules for your whole house with zones. Simply purchase the number of DEKORKONNECT™ wifi controllers necessary to hook up the lights to your network, and set up your zones as you wish. For example, perhaps the Dek Dots on your deck are in one zone, and your interior cabinet lights in the kitchen are in another. Automatically schedule the lights based on time of day or manually adjust the lights from the app. Bond Home App DEKOR® has partnered with Bond Home to make your house a smart home. The Bond Home app allows you to take advantage of all of the features listed here, including adjusting light brightness, scheduling, creating zones, integration with Alexa and Google.

Have you dreamed of using voice commands to control your DEKOR® lighting set-up? With our wifi light controller, you can integrate with common smart home systems like Alexa and Google Home to make it even easier to turn your lights on and off. Accessibility from Anywhere
One of the biggest advantages of the DEKORKONNECT™ wireless controller is the ability to control any connected lighting fixtures remotely, from wherever in the world you may happen to be. As long as you have your trusty Bond Home app, you can turn lights on and off, schedule your zones, or adjust brightness. If you travel, you don’t have to worry about the risk of leaving your lights off or the energy cost of leaving them on the whole time: our wifi light controller gives you options to fit your needs.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 7 × 1 in



Transformer Input, Transconnect Output


On/Off, Dimming, Scheduling

Control Range

Dependent on WiFi Router

Input Voltage


Output Voltage



Water Resistant, Do Not Submerge


60W (5A) Maximum


3”x3”x0.8” exclusive of cables

9 reviews for DEKORKONNECT™ WiFi Light Controller

  1. Bret S. (verified owner)

  2. David B. (verified owner)

    So far, so good. As advertised. Easy to set-up and working great. High tech. solution to a traditionally low tech. space.

  3. Sophia Powers (store manager)

    Set it and forget it – so easy to install and use – and never goes ‘down’ like the old one!

  4. Kyle DePasquale (verified owner)

    I do wish there was either a less expensive option or even better, one that could control multiple zones of lights. But this is a great product.

  5. WILLIAM BAAS (verified owner)

    The new updated version is awesome, super easy to install and pair with your network. The new app is flawless.

  6. tbonewilly99 (verified owner)

    Huge Upgrade!!!! Super easy to install and to configure with the new Bond App. Soooo much better than the previous version. I installed two today and ordered two more for other lights today.

  7. Tim W. (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with my WiFi light controller. It replaces my photocell controller, which wasn’t turning on/off consistently. The WiFi controller apparently gets sunset/sunrise times from the web and has been consistently turning our deck lights on/off, and automatically adjusts for daily seasonal changes.

    I would like to have seen more information on the capability and operating instructions prior to buying. I bought it somewhat blindly, hoping it would perform as I wanted. That said, the controller does everything I need; allowing me to set schedules for on/off and brightness. I also like being able to manually control lighting from my phone app.

    I would definitely recommend this controller.

    • Zachary Grissom


      Thank you for the valuable feedback and we’re thrilled that you like the new product. We are going to start on series of screenshots for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant setup and also move the pairing and Bond connection video over to the product page as well. Thanks for the great ideas and please reach out to our customer service team with any other ideas you have.

  8. Cody N. (verified owner)

    Only took 3min to install. Works perfect.

  9. Colin Brockett (verified owner)

    So much easier than the previous version of the EZ WiFi controller. Definitely recommend!

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  • (1) DEKORKONNECT™ wireless controller
  • (2) Mounting screws
  • (2) PSA mounting strips

The DEKORKONNECT™ wireless controller installs in-line between your DEKOR® power supply and Transconnect cable or splitter. Visit our DEKORKONNECT™ page for more information.

To download instructions as a .pdf, click here.


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