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Low Voltage LED Lighting Transformer Calculator

Enter units of product and conversion is made to show amount of transformer capacity used.
Product TypeDraw (Watts)QuantityPower Consumed (Watts)
Kitchen And Cabinet Lighting
Millennium 12" Under Cabinet Light Bar5--
Millennium 20" Under Cabinet Light Bar8--
Millennium Cabinet High Output Spot Light2.6--
Millennium Directional Spot Light2.2--
Down Light1.2--
Versa Strip Light1.1--
Landscape and Hardscape Lighting
Radiance Pathway Light3.75--
Empress Pathway Light1.6--
Empress Pathway Light NexGen3.2--
Mushroom Pathway Light1.9--
Stepped Hat Pathway Light1.9--
Domed Pathway Light1.9--
Puck Light1.0--
Ginny Light1.9--
Telescoping Spotlight3--
Gang/Tree Light (Single Light)3--
Gang/Tree Light (Two Light)6--
Gang/Tree Light (Three Light)9--
Gang/Tree Light (Four Light)12--
Hardscape Wall Light1.9--
Hardscape Corner Light1.2--
Paver Dot Light1.2--
Paver Dot Light NexGen1.46--
Noseeum Light1.1--
Deck Lighting
FlexDeck LED Rope (5' Length)9.65--
FlexDeck LED Rope (Watts Per Linear Foot)1.93--
FlexDeck LED Rope (Watts Per Inch)0.158--
Mini Soffit Flood Light1.56--
Mini Soffit Spot Light1.2--
Stair Light1.2--
Stair Light NexGen1.46--
Down Light1.2--
Down Light NexGen1.46--
Dek Dot1.2--
Dek Dot NexGen1.46--
Post Medailion Light0.41--
Glass Panel Lighted3.9--
Perfect Panel Lighted1.6--
Post Cap (1 Side Lighted)0.8--
Post Cap (2 Sides Lighted)1.6--
Post Cap (3 Sides Lighted)2.4--
Post Cap (4 Sides Lighted)3.2--
Single Basket/Casey Baluster0.4--
Double Basket/Casey Baluster0.8--
Post Light (Holly, Tear Drop)1.2--
Post Light Elite0.8--
Petite Light1.2--
% EZ Indoor Power Driver 24W Capacity Used--
% EZ LED Transformer 36W Capacity Used--
% EZMAX Transformer 60W Capacity Used--
% EZMAX Dimmable Transformer Capacity Used--
% EZMAXC Transformer 100W Capacity Used--
% EZMAXC Dimmable Transformer Capacity Used--
% EZMAX200 Transformer 200W Capacity Used--
Note: Calculations Include 150' Of Wire Run Resistance