Savona Solar Post Cap for Aluminum/Metal


$107.64 USD

Savona Solar Post Cap Lights provide stunning appeal and sustainable use. Place them on top of a fence or deck railing post, and the premium solar battery will charge up the embedded Cree® LED lights to create a low-profile shine. DEKOR® Solar LED post lights are made in the USA using a recycled aluminum housing  and the brightest LEDs on the market.  They are durable and instantly add a dazzling finish to any home or outdoor space. Choose from 7 color options, 3 sizes, and different lighting configurations to create the look you’re after.


DEKOR®’s continues to build upon it’s success of our first solar line with our latest solar powered Savona post caps.  Using a premium battery, and recycled aluminum, it’s never been easier to create the outdoor ambiance you’re after. They are available in 7 powder coatings and 3 cap sizes, enabling every homeowner to upgrade their deck lighting with ease.

Hassle-free setup
Just set it and forget it!  It really is that easy.

Intelligent design
DEKOR®’s Savona Solar Post Cap design echoes the best-selling style of our flagship LED Post Caps collection, with robust recycled aluminum housing and a clean silhouette. The solar component of the cap is effortlessly integrated into the design to absorb optimal sunlight without intruding the sleek silhouette.

Sustainable shine
By integrating DEKOR® solar post caps into your outdoor lighting setup, you’re effectively lessening your home’s electrical usage. While seemingly small, the energy consumed by everyday home products adds up over time.

Adaptable options & controls
There are 3 popular size options to serve a broad range of deck post sizes The caps are available in 7 powder coatings, different lighting configurations, and easily adjustable to conform to your deck’s shape and setup. 

Superior battery source
The Lithium-Ion battery within the cap housing is the heart and soul behind our solar post lights. This premium power source is the same cutting-edge battery technology found in all modern cell phones, ensuring maximum charging capacity and minimal degradation over time. Using this battery as the source for solar energy conversion, your post caps will charge up with optimized efficiency and rapid response.

DEKOR®’s solar post cap lights outshine the competition in terms of efficiency, reliability, accessibility, and customer protection.

Additional information

Weight3.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
Max run time off battery

6-8 hours

Color temperature

3200 ° K


Assembled in the USA






Black, Bronze, White, Dark Copper Vein 10, Premium Majestic Stone MS, Premium Pearl Shore PS

Light Output

11.5 Lumens




3.7 VDC




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( 1 ) Savona Solar Post Cap in a choice of 7 powder coating shades

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DEKOR Savona Solar Post Cap Installation Instructions

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