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A Kitchen Remodel by Punta Gorda, Florida’s Simply Cabinets


This is Bob from Simply Cabinets in Punta Gorda, FL. … I wanted to give you access to a series of hi-resolution photos of a small kitchen remodel that we recently completed where we used your De-Kor LED under-cabinet lighting for the 1st time. Our client was so amazed by both the quality and uniqueness of the De-Kor Lighting product. The client especially loved the idea that the lighting is remotely dimmable. We now have 5 additional projects in the works where we will be using your product. One of which will contain over 15 under-cabinet lights [which is only possible using your product] and our new mobile showroom [which is 95% complete].
Bob from Simply Cabinets, Punta Gorda FL, March 29, 2012
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