Elevate your deck and patio projects to a whole new level of allure and sophistication by incorporating DEKOR® RGBW.

DEKOR® RGBW Color Changing System

Welcome to the DEKOR® RGBW color-changing lighting system. Our dedicated team at DEKOR® invested over a year in crafting the ideal system, which boasts a remarkable 46% increase in brightness compared to competitors. Our system provides a comprehensive spectrum of colors, including vibrant options such as RED, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, WHITE, and many more. Notably, the white color is independently controlled, ensuring a pure and crisp illumination without the blending of colors as seen in other manufacturers’ products.

Built into our connectors is a signal booster, seamlessly repeating the signal to maintain consistent brightness and true color accuracy from the first light to the last. This feature ensures that your entire project is uniformly illuminated. Elevate the ambiance of your deck or patio by effortlessly changing the light color theme to complement the season. With DEKOR®, experience nothing short of a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

The DEKOR® RGBW cabling system not only ensures convenience but also adds a touch of brilliance and versatility to your outdoor spaces.


Welcome to DEKOR® RGBW color changing system. Our team at DEKOR® spent over a year designing the perfect system. It is 46% brighter than the competition, offers a full spectrum of colors from RED, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, WHITE and many others. The white has its own channel delivering a pure and crisp color. These tiny, waterproof dots install totally flush with the installation surface and are designed to

The DEKOR® RGBW cabling utilizes an advanced NexGen 3-wire system equipped with user-friendly Plug-N-Play connectors, an O-ring, and a locking collar designed to seal off even the harshest environments. Connecting them is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. We offer a range of cable lengths, including 20 inches, 5 feet, 10 feet, and 20 feet, providing flexibility for various scenarios. Additionally, our 4-port splitter allows you to connect multiple lights in a given area with ease.


  • LED Type: Cree High Performance LEDs 50/50 Neopixle
  • Light Output: White 29 Lumens, Colors 11 Lumens on average
  • Watt Usage: 2.05W
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Controllable: Yes, compatible with DEKOR® COLORKONNECT WIFI Controller

Safety and Warranty

  • Waterproof: Weatherproof, not designed to be installed under water.
  • Approvals: ETL coming soon.
  • Warranty: Please visit our website for the most up to date warranty information.


Yes, DEKOR manufactures all circuitry in Denver, CO providing excellent quality.
DEKOR offers a COLORKONNECT WIFI controller and through the app you can dim, change colors, and set schedules.
When using the COLORKONNECT app provides you the ability to control your lights regardless of where you are located.

This is a device to be used every 20’ that enhances the signal to create pure colors from the first light to the last.

DEKOR offers a simple 3-wire Plug-N-Play system with various lengths to make he install easy in any application.
You may change colors and dim the lights manually on the COLORKONNECT device.
Yes, with the use of two or more controllers and wiring two or more zones will deliver different light color patterns.
You may power up to 60-watts of light usage or 28 individual lights.
Our lights are 46% brighter and we have a dedicated pure white channel.
We offer a variety of lengths for any application—20”, 5’, 10’ and 20’.