Folsom Field is one of the most recognizable spots in all of Colorado, and most certainly Boulder. As a source of pride and excitement for CU students and fans alike, we knew we had to light up the field like never before.
Laying upon the outdoor patio that overlooks Folsom Field, this prime location is bustling with CU fans every game day, and a frequent study spot for students as well. With the busy movement of our location in mind, we decided that our seamlessly stunning PaverDot lights would be the perfect addition to the Buff’s stadium. These LEDs not only shine through years of wear and tear, but blend so smoothly, visitors won’t miss a step. 
 With the breathtaking beauty of the mountains surrounding us on all sides, we set out to create a striking effect that would stack up to the majestic wonder of the Flatirons themselves. Check out the above video to see how we brought this shining symbol to life using our one-of-a-kind recessed PaverDot lights. 


By creating an integrated and precise pattern of the interlocking CU emblem, we knew exactly what we needed to do, and how to do it. With a little teamwork and guidance from the DEKOR® PaverDot installation manual, we were able to bring this concept to life using the same simple steps as our customers.
With pressurized drilling into each concrete tile, we were able to create perfectly measured spacings for each PaverDot. After that, we made light work of the installation process, with individual assembly of each component, seamless fitting into each space, and stress-free connection using our Plug-N-Play™ wiring. 
To create your own glowing effect on your deck, concrete pavers, and more, choose DEKOR® Recessed PaverDot lights for that stunning shine.