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Innovative & Adaptable Rope Lighting

Rope lights are a popular product that can be used both outdoors and indoors. This type of string light is perfect for use under deck railings, shelves, or as cabinet lighting. It can brighten up your landscaping, improve safety in your outdoor space, or create luminosity in those dark indoor areas.

The flexible ropes can be twisted and turned to fit exactly where you need them, making them a great option for your next DIY lighting project.

DEKOR®’s LED Rope Light Options

At Dekor, we have taken this simple yet flexible light and upgraded it to reflect our values of quality, innovation, and dependability.

We designed our Flex Deck Rope Lights to emit a completely hot-spot free shine from all angles so no matter how you use it, you get a vivid glow. Other rope products typically give off spotty, dim light, while ours offers bright, seamless light output. Plus, the compact design means the rope is small enough to fit where needed.

There are a variety of sizing options available so it’s easy to find the right rope length for your home improvement project. There’s even a custom sizing choice that allows you to tell us the exact measurements you need.

Our ropes work for both outdoor use and indoor use.

Easy Setup & Other Benefits

Our Flex Deck LED Rope Lights are designed to be high quality and durable, just like all other Dekor products. Here are some of the main features and benefits: 

  • Warm white light - With a 3500°K color temperature, the bright, warm lighting helps create a beautiful ambiance. 
  • Easy installation - Installation has never been this quick or easy. With the simple combination of our patented Plug-N-Play™ technology and extra-strength 3M PSA Adhesive, the Flex Deck setup is as simple as peel, stick, and plug in. No tools or expertise required. INSTALLATION GUIDE.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof - When used as outdoor rope lights, their strong silicone design can withstand severe weather and wear and tear.
  • 10 year warranty - These fixtures come with our standard 10 year warranty.
  • Custom options - Choose from our rope light kits or our custom cut option to get the exact length you need down to the inch. This way you know it will be a perfect fit for your project.

Whether you’re using your LED rope lights to brighten your decking, outline a flower bed, add accent lighting in your living room or frame the inside of a dark closet, you’ll love the warm glow and ability to bend and curve the rope to your needs. Contact one of our experts with any questions you may have. 

Made In The USA

Unlike many competitors, we don’t outsource our materials or manufacturing to other countries. Every step of the process, from the initial stages of conception to the final product, happens in our DEKOR factory in Denver, Colorado. There, we envision new designs, develop efficient production methods, and run our products through multiple rounds of testing. This labor of love, backed by hours of research and hard work, is done to ensure we always deliver top-tier lighting to you.

DEKOR Lighting
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