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  • Compatible with the DEKOR Non-RGBW lighting system provided a splitter is used from the transformer connection.
  • DEKOR’s RGBW System is 46% brighter on average with the competition.
  • COLORKONNECT WIFI controller with app provides the opportunity to dim your lights, set schedules and change colors with the ease of using your smart device.
  • COLORKONNECT will control lights from anywhere in the world and power up to 60-watts of light usage. It has a built-in fuse to protect the unit from over use of voltage.
  • When using the app on your smart device, there is a color wheel to change the colors and pre-set buttons for the main colors.
  • Able to turn on/off or change colors manually by simply using the buttons on the faceplate of the device.
  • Multiple zones can be set up by using more than one COLORKONNECT to create a variety of patterns. Do not exceed 60-watts in an individual zone.
  • RGBW lights are offered in a Dek Dot and a recessed, both in a stair and up/down version.
  • A 4-port/repeater is used to boosts the signal every 20’ to maintain the color from the first light to the last.
  • The 4-port/repeater has one input port and 3 output ports. Two lights may be connected in the light run or 3 lights at the end of the run.
  • To extend the wire use a 4-port/repeater use the one input port and one output port. Seal off the remaining two ports with the provided caps.
  • Our easy 3-wire Plug-N-Play cables and connectors have an O-ring and locking collar to keep out moisture in the harshest environments. Available in cable lengths of 20”, 5’, 10’ and 20’.
  • DEKOR’s RGBW is a 3-wire system with the use of 4-port/repeaters will maintain the signal so the colors are true and crisp throughout the entire system.
  • DEKOR’s photocell timer can be used in conjunction with the COLORKONNECT, but will only turn the lights on/off with sun and darkness. Colors can only be changed with the app or manually on the COLORKONNECT.
  • When using a 100-watt or 200-watt transformer you will need to create more than one zone with more than one COLORKONNECT to not exceed a total of 60-watts of light usage.
  • You may use a 100-watt dimmable transformer with a dimmable wall switch. The switch will override the COLORKONNECT. To change colors; you must use the app or by manually pressing the buttons on the faceplate.
  • With our easy Plug-N-Play cables and connectors there is no need to hard-wire.

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Weight0.05 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 1 in


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