Flex Deck LED Rope Light – (1) 5ft LED Rope with Connector


Our Flex Deck LED Rope Light is the simple, versatile solution to all of your complex lighting needs. When we created this adaptable light, we envisioned it gleaming beneath deck rails, but this product can shine anywhere you need it. The Flex Deck LED Rope Light can even be cut to your desired length so it is a perfect fit for your more demanding projects.

Use our transformer capacity guide below to find the correct transformer needed for your complete Flex Deck LED Rope Light setup. It’s important to ensure your transformer can handle the energy output of your LED Ropes to avoid overloading the power source.

How to Pick the Correct Transformer
Transformer Rope Length Capacity Power Draw Max Sections
EZ 12 Feet 2.5 AMPS 2 5’ Flex Ropes
EZ MAX 25 Feet 5.0 AMPS 5 5’ Flex Ropes
EZ MAXC 40 Feet 8.3 AMPS 8 5’ Flex Ropes
EZMAX200 80 Feet 16.6 AMPS 16 5’ Flex Ropes
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