Glow-Rite LED Corner Wall Light


$30.14 USD

The Glow-Rite LED Corner Light is a great light for the corner of a retaining wall or masonry project. Its subtle curve blends into the corner, so you notice the illumination and not the fixture.


With our 5 & 30-year warranty: 5 years on the LED lights and 30 years on the high strength die cast aluminum housing Glow-Rite lights will last as long as your design. The lights receive a powder coating finish available in 5 stunning colors and have polycarbonate lens. Best of all, the lights are entirely Made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in

ETL Listed, CE (Europe)

Color Temperature


Country of Origin

United States

Light Output

240 Lumens


Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Power Draw

1.2 Watts


12 volt DC



Wire Leads

6 ft. cable w/ male Plug-N-Play connector


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Glow-Rite LED Corner Light Package Contents

( 1 ) Glow-Rite LED Corner Masonry Light
( 1 ) PLUG-N-PLAY 5’ Cable
( 1 ) Female to Female PLUG-N-PLAY Connector

Our low voltage lights are powered  by transformers.  Please use this guide to select the correct transformer for the number of lights you plan on on using.

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Transformer Transformer Wattage Max Wall Lights
EZ 36 23
EZMAX 60 38
EZMAXC 100 64
EZMAX200 200 127

If you are adding these lights to an existing system, or are building a new system with multiple types of lights, please use our Transformer Calculator:

Transformer Calculator

Wiring Guide

Click here for most current information: WARRANTY POLICY.