Sidewalk Pathway Light

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A 120° swivel head makes the Sidewalk Pathway light very versatile. With its wide head design, it can cast a wide glow for highlighting buildings, trees, sidewalks, and walkways. Create a custom look for any outdoor environment or setting.

DEKOR® Lighting features Cree LEDs at a precise 3200 Kelvin. This color temperature strikes the perfect balance of warm and cool, creating an elegant white light that makes any home shine. DEKOR® Lighting uses 3200K Cree LEDs in most of our lighting creations, making our collection comprehensive and unified. 


Landscape Lighting Featured Benefits

Use DEKOR® Landscape lights to illuminate hedges, pathways, flower beds, trees and architectural features of your home. With our Plug-N-Play system, our landscape lights can be easily adjusted to create your very own custom design.

DEKOR® uses CREE LEDs that are rated at 3200 degrees Kelvin, the light is warm white, perfect for lighting up your yard.

DEKOR® Landscape lights use CREE LEDs, a worldwide leader in energy-efficient lighting. CREE LED’s are energy efficient and long-lasting. Compared to incandescent, DEKOR® Landscape Lighting is up to 9.1x more efficient.

DEKOR® powder-coated, aluminum, landscape lights can withstand years of rough weather including rain, wind, snow, and hail. All DEKOR Landscape lights come with our PLUGNPLAYHD direct bury wire which is rated to be buried underground out of sight.

Install DEKOR® landscape lights with our Plug-N-Play connection system. No splicing of wires or electrical skills needed; just plug them in and play.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 1 × 23 in

7.5 x 1 x 23"

Power Source



12 volts

Draw in Watts

3.75 watts

Item Package Quantity


Type of Bulb


Housing Material

Powder-coated Aluminum, Cast Zinc



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  • (1) Sidewalk Pathway Light
  • (1) Allen wrench tool
  • (1) Female to Female Connector
  • (1) Packet of Dielectric Grease

You will need a DEKOR® 12VDC transformer (sold separately).

In addition, different lengths of Plug-N-Play wire and connectors can be bought separately to span distances between lights. Each light has a 42″ male lead.


Our low voltage lights are powered  by transformers.  Please use this guide to select the correct transformer for the number of lights you plan on on using.

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Transformer Transformer Wattage Max Sidewalk Lights
EZ 36 7
EZMAX 60 12
EZMAXC 100 20
EZMAX200 200 40

If you are adding these lights to an existing system, or are building a new system with multiple types of lights, please use our Transformer Calculator:

Transformer Calculator

Download our Landscape Lighting Installation Instructions as a PDF.

Or, chat with our customer service team for further guidance.

Wiring Guide

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