PAVER-LITE Glass Block Paver Light – 6″ X 8″ X 3.125″


$82.24 USD

The PAVER-LITE is a robust, long-lasting glass paver block light for brick, block, interlocking stone, pavers, flagstone installations. It is waterproof and completely sealed, requiring no maintenance over its lifetime. It will support the weight of any vehicle and makes an outstanding driveway lighting solution.

Made from 1/4″ thick molded glass, this heavy-duty clear glass block fixture is waterproof and hermetically sealed. Although commonly used to light patios, decks, pool areas, pillars, pathways, and walkways, these paver blocks are rated at 600 PSI so it makes a fantastic driveway lighting solution. They can carry the weight of any vehicle and are tough enough to withstand years of light vehicular traffic. The lights have built-in surge protection to protect the LED circuitry and are safety-rated. Our light is the only one in the USA that is ETL Listed. PAVER-LITES are backed by a 5-year warranty when used with a DEKOR brand transformer. These glass block LED lights radiate a soft white light, the perfect color to illuminate your outdoor space with the ambiance of incandescent lighting, but the power of LEDs.

Additional information

Weight 4.75 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in

Rated at 600 psi



Light Color Temperature

3200 ° K

Power Consumption

1 Watt



Temp Range

-30C to 60C/-22F to 140F


ETL Listed


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(1) Paver-Lite
(1) Packet of dielectric grease

Our low voltage lights are powered  by transformers.  Please use this guide to select the correct transformer for the number of lights you plan on on using.

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Transformer Transformer Wattage Max Paver-Lites
EZ 36 25
EZMAX 60 42
EZMAXC 100 70
EZMAX200 200 140

If you are adding these lights to an existing system, or are building a new system with multiple types of lights, please use our Transformer Calculator:

Transformer Calculator

Download PAVERLITE Install Instructions as a PDF.

Concrete Installation & Replacement Notes

When embedding PAVER-LITEs in concrete, make sure you leave an extra loop of cable under the light block in the event it has to be removed.

Wiring Guide

Click here for most current information: WARRANTY POLICY.

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