Perfect Panel Etched Glass Balusters

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The BEST glass baluster panels on the market! Our etched panels allow you to add the design or monogram of your choosing for a more personalized deck panel. Enjoy unobstructed views while adding striking architectural detail to your deck, balcony, porch, or patio. Made from 1/2″ thick safety glass, these elegant panels are simple to install and look great day or night.

Click here to download our Hi-Res Etched Panel Designs document.

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These commercial quality glass panels are ½” thick and able to withstand hurricane-level wind loads. Our glass baluster panels are 7.5” wide. You have the option of lighting it up with our CREE LED lights, or not lighting it up at all. Tempered glass with pencil polished (rounded) edges. Available in three different sizes: Available in 26″, 27″ and 32″ lengths

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 1 in
Color Temperature


Light Output

20 Lumens

Power Draw

5 Watts


12 volt DC



2 reviews for Perfect Panel Etched Glass Balusters

  1. David Bower (verified owner)

    Outstanding etched glass panels with lighting!

  2. Marc Roberts (verified owner)

    The etched panels look amazing!

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(1) Glass Perfect Panel

(2) Powder coated end caps

Our low voltage lights are powered  by transformers.  Please use this guide to select the correct transformer for the number of lights you plan on on using.

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Transformer Transformer Wattage Max Perfect Panels
EZ 36 7
EZMAX 60 12
EZMAXC 100 20
EZMAX200 200 40

If you are adding these lights to an existing system, or are building a new system with multiple types of lights, please use our Transformer Calculator:

Transformer Calculator

Install end caps with only 2 wood screws for each one.

3/8″ hole will need to be drilled into railing to accommodate the Plug-N-Play connector cable if using an illuminated panel.

It is recommended to have a support at the middle of the bottom railing due to the panels weight.

Wiring Guide

Click here for most current information: WARRANTY POLICY.