Backyard Bonanza: Lighting Ideas for Summer Gatherings

As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, our thoughts naturally turn to outdoor gatherings with friends and family. A beautifully lit backyard can transform any evening into a magical experience. The range of outdoor lighting options is almost endless and DEKOR® Lighting is excited to help create the perfect ambiance for your summer gatherings. Let’s explore some illuminating ideas that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood.

1. Deck the Deck with LED Lights

Your deck is the heart of outdoor entertaining. DEKOR®️’s Recessed DEK·DOT® LED Lights are a fantastic way to add a subtle glow that outlines the perimeter or highlights specific areas. These lights not only enhance safety by efficiently illuminating steps and edges but also add a sophisticated touch to your deck or patio.

Will you be traveling for the summer and want to control your lights from anywhere in the world? The DEKORKONNECT™ Wifi Light Controller will help with just that. The DEKORKONNECT™ WiFi is a wireless light controller that allows you to remotely control and manage your DEKOR®️ lighting installations from anywhere in the world using the Bond Home app. This device enables you to fine-tune brightness, set schedules, and monitor the status of all your lighting zones.

2. Light the Path to Fun

Guide your guests with style by integrating Pathway Lights, such as the Empress LED Pathway Light, into your landscaping. These lights ensure safe navigation through your garden or to your front door and also showcase your garden’s beauty at night. Integrating LED pathway lights into your landscaping not only elevates safety by illuminating the path to your home but also plays a pivotal role in highlighting your outdoor space at nighttime.

LED technology stands out due to its efficiency and longevity. Our LED lights are designed to consume less power while offering a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs. With our CREE lights as an option you can more than double the brightness. This makes them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for outdoor lighting. By integrating these lights into your deck, you not only enhance safety but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space with their sophisticated glow.

3. Create a Hardscape Masterpiece

Hardscape lighting, such as DEKOR®️’s Masonry Paverstone Lights, can accentuate the architectural features of your outdoor space. These durable, waterproof lights can withstand the elements while providing a cozy, ambient light that enhances the textures and shapes of your hardscaping elements.

Incorporating these lights into your outdoor spaces not only highlights the architectural beauty of structures like outdoor kitchens and fire pits but also adds a layer of resilience and functionality to your hardscaping efforts. These lights are engineered to endure outdoor conditions, ensuring that your outdoor areas remain beautifully lit and welcoming, irrespective of the weather. This lighting solution is about blending utility with aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your outdoor spaces are not just seen but experienced in a new light.

4. Make a Splash with RGBW Lighting

For enthusiasts of vibrant atmospheres and creative lighting, DEKOR®️’s RGBW lighting solutions unlock a world of color and brightness control that can transform any backyard setting. These innovative options enable homeowners to drench their outdoor spaces in colors that align with specific themes or the desired mood for various occasions, be it energetic pool parties or serene, introspective evenings.

This capability to customize not just the color but also the intensity of the lights allows for precise ambiance crafting. Whether you’re looking to create a lively, party-ready environment or a calm, relaxing retreat, DEKOR®️’s RGBW lights offer the flexibility to seamlessly shift the tone of your outdoor gatherings. This adaptability ensures that your backyard can become a dynamic backdrop to life’s memorable moments, reflecting the essence of each event through color and light.

5. Ambient Uplighting for Trees and Features

Uplighting is a transformative lighting technique that elevates the ambiance of any outdoor space, turning the mundane into the magnificent. By strategically placing uplight fixtures, such as the Outdoor LED Puck Light, around trees, sculptures, or the architectural nuances of your home, you can craft an atmosphere filled with depth and intrigue. This method not only accentuates the beauty of your outdoor features by creating an enchanting play of light and shadow but also bathes them in a warm glow that elegantly contrasts with the evening sky.

The effect of uplighting extends beyond mere illumination; it’s about creating a visual narrative in your garden or yard. As the light ascends, it reveals textures and colors, enhancing the visual appeal and drawing attention to the features that define your space. This dynamic interplay of light and shadow adds a layer of sophistication and elegance, making your outdoor area not just a place to be seen but an experience to be felt.

Wrapping up the Night

As you plan your summer gatherings, remember that the right lighting can make all the difference. DEKOR®️ Lighting’s extensive selection of outdoor lighting solutions offers everything you need to create an inviting and enchanting outdoor space. From safety and functionality to aesthetics and ambiance, lighting is the key to unlocking the full potential of your backyard. Visit DEKOR®️ Lighting to explore our full range of outdoor lighting products and get inspired to illuminate your summer nights with style and sophistication.


Yes, DEKOR® manufactures all circuitry in Denver, CO providing excellent quality.

DEKOR® offers a COLORKONNECT WiFi controller and through the app you can dim the lights, change colors, and set schedules. You may also control light colors with dimming capability manually on the front face of the COLORKONNECT WiFi device.

When using the COLORKONNECT WiFi controller app provides you the ability to control your lights regardless of where you are located.

The 3W4PORT splitter/repeater has two functionalities: the splitter is used to connect the power wire and the three additional ports for 2-3 lights based on your lighting plan. The repeater is to be used every 20’ with long cable runs and at the light connections to enhance the signal creating pure colors from the first light to the last.

DEKOR® offers a simple 3W4PORT Plug-N-Play system with various cable lengths to make the install easy in any application.

You may change colors and dim the lights manually on the COLORKONNECT device.

Yes, with the use of two or more COLORKONNECT WiFi controllers and wiring two or more zones will deliver different light color patterns.

You may power up to 60-watts of light usage or 28 individual lights.
Our lights are 46% brighter and we have a dedicated pure white channel.
We offer a variety of lengths for any application—20”, 5’, 10’ and 20’.

Yes, you can add to your current non-RGBW DEKOR® lighting system by adding RGBW lights!  While the non-RGBW DEKOR lighting system is a 2-wire direct current system, and the RGBW DEKOR lighting system is a 3-wire direct current system, you are able to integrate both systems by creating a separate zone.  Either using a splitter running from you current transformer or upgrading to a 100 or 200 watt transformer, which has more than one output from the transformer, you can create an additional zone or zones.  Please call us if you need us to walk you through this!

The transconnect cable is for our standard DEKOR® Lighting 2-wire lights. The COLORCONNECT WiFi controller is a 3-wire system. The male-to-male cables come in lengths of 20”, 5’, 10’, 20’ are to be used to connect the COLORCONNECT WiFi controller and then to your first light.

For our RGBW system: The 36-watt and the 60-watt transformers will include one (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable. The 100-watt transformer will come with (1) transconnect cable and (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable. The 200-watt transformer will include (1) 20’ transconnect cable with two lead wires and (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable.

The 3W4PORT splitter/repeater may only be used with the RGBW system. The 6-port splitter is a two wire and can only be used with our standard DEKOR® Lighting system.