DIY Exterior & Interior Lighting Inspiration

Welcome to the DEKOR® indoor and outdoor lighting ideas gallery. Our amazing customers often share photos and videos with us of the DIY light projects they complete around their home using our products. We like to share these creative ideas with you to help provide inspiration and concepts that may spark an idea for your own home.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your outdoor space or create a focal point in your interior decor, we hope these beautiful photos help you plan your approach! If you need help finding the right lighting solution for your project, contact our expert team – we’re happy to help.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Adding shine to your landscaping is easy with LED lights. Illuminate the pathway up to your front door, add soffit lights to your overhangs, brighten up your planting work with garden lighting, and much more. Shop Dekor® landscape and soffit lights.

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Outdoor Patio & Deck Lighting Ideas

Creating the perfect ambiance in your outdoor patio or deck area is important. If you plan on spending many summer nights out in your backyard, or front yard, check out these ideas for adding lighting to your living and seating areas. Shop DEKOR® outdoor deck lights.

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DIY Indoor Lights for Kitchens, Cabinets & More

Whether you want to add lighting under your cabinets, illuminate your most-loved decor, or add some flair to your bar area, here are some options for adding LED lighting to your indoor living spaces. Shop Dekor® indoor and under cabinet lighting options.

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Video Inspiration