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New Deck Post Lights – Savona Post Cap

Sprucing up your backyard decor just got a little bit easier! Say hello to DEKOR’s all-new Savona Post Caps, the perfect addition to residential and commercial decks. They feature a sophisticated design and CREE LEDs for warm, inviting light – rain or shine. Keep reading to learn more about our newest deck post light addition! 

The Savona Post Cap Aesthetic

The Savona post cap design is stunning, featuring a striking pyramid silhouette and four rectangular pillars at each corner. The design meshes well with virtually every landscape aesthetic, whether it be rustic, traditional, eclectic, or minimalist. The post cap comes with optional lights at the top and on all four sides. It can be customized further to include only a portion of the lights (more information below). 

Savona 2.5” post cap on fence

Lighting Options Galore

We’re all about tailored decor solutions that fit your needs, so our Savona Post Caps come with several lighting options. Choose from the following: 

  • No lights – The “no lights” option offers no-frill aesthetic appeal for simplistic landscapes or modest budgets. 
  • Top light only – This light configuration features upper lighting only, with no lights on any of the four sides. It is ideal for minimalist backyards with no need for a strong light source.
  • Lighted 4 sides – No top light – For buyers who want ample lighting but don’t need the upper light, this light option will work well.
  • Lighted 4 sides – Top light – Choose this lighting option for maximum illumination on all sides and on top. 

 Each post cap is powered by 36 CREE LED lights, known for their outstanding longevity and superior performance. 

Light Temperature

The Savona post cap emits light with a color temperature of 3200K, which is suited for natural light in an outdoor environment. It’s the ideal lighting temperature for any backyard. In addition, it complements your backyard’s greenery and structures. 

Color Variety You’ll Love

We’ve made the Savona post cap available in several hues to suit any backyard style. Choose from the following colors: 

  • Intrinsic white – A matte, bright white with no cream or yellow undertones. It complements modern landscapes like a dream. 
  • Obsidian Black – A jet black for some stark contrast. 
  • Swarthy brown – A delightful cedar brown that effortlessly harmonizes with the greenery in your outdoor space. 
  • Dark copper vein 10 – A mixture of copper and black tones with a visibly raised, uneven texture adds interest to any backyard. 
  • Premium Majestic Stone MS – A light gray hue with a stone-like texture, great for contemporary landscapes. 
  • Premium Pearl Shore PS – A pearly hue with a subtle sheen to add a touch of class to outdoor areas.

Two Sizes to Choose From

The Savona Post Cap comes in two sizes: 2” and 2.5”. These sizes indicate the post size that the cap will fit on. These caps are crafted by an experienced manufacturer and will fit your posts like a glove. Be sure to measure your aluminum post before purchasing to ensure that you’re getting the correct size. 


Wondering how you can use these post caps? You can certainly use them on your deck posts, but you’re not limited to that. You can also use them on your fences and any other aluminum post that meets the sizing requirements! Feeling inspired? Check out our deck railing lighting ideas post to get more ideas!

Other Specs

In addition to all of the above, here are some other Savona post cap specifications you should know about: 

  • Plug-and-play capabilities make these post caps quick and easy to operate. 
  • When you use the caps with a DEKOR transformer, you get a 5-year warranty. 
  • The lights are waterproof.

Savona post caps product specifications Thanks to their superior construction, innovative design, and extensive customization options, Savona Post Caps by DEKOR are sure to delight!  



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