Glass Perfect Panel

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The BEST glass baluster panels on the market!

Enjoy unobstructed views while adding striking architectural detail to your deck, balcony, porch, or patio. Made from 1/2″ thick safety glass, these elegant panels are simple to install and look great day or night.

DEKOR® Lighting features Cree LEDs at a precise 3200 Kelvin. This color temperature strikes the perfect balance of warm and cool, creating an elegant white light that makes any home shine. DEKOR® Lighting uses 3200K Cree LEDs in most of our lighting creations, making our collection comprehensive and unified.

(Individual Glass Panels sold only. Railing, balusters, and accessories not included.)

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    • (max file size 8 MB) 149 $ Set Up Fee

    Custom etching designs are available. Please upload a Black & White JPG, PDF, TIFF image. Image size must be minimum 72dpi at 2400 px x 1800 px or larger. Allow 48 hour for DEKOR to set up art. Max eching size on glass panel is 7" wide by 14" tall.

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