Sunset Vibes, Stylish Lights: LED Lighting Tips for Your Summer Soirées

As the warm summer days give way to cool evenings, the right lighting can transform any outdoor gathering into an enchanting affair. DEKOR®️  Lighting specializes in creating atmospheres where every light fixture not only illuminates but also enhances the beauty and functionality of your space. Here’s how you can use DEKOR®️’s lighting solutions to brighten your summer soirées and create unforgettable sunset vibes.

1. Start with the Basics: Safety and Path Lighting

Ensuring that your outdoor areas are safely lit is a primary concern, especially when hosting evening events. Pathway lights serve a dual purpose: they provide safety for navigating through outdoor spaces and add a decorative touch that enhances the overall ambiance. DEKOR®️’s pathway lights, such as the Sidewalk Pathway Light, are designed to integrate elegantly with any garden or walkway design. These fixtures are crafted from durable materials resistant to weather and corrosion, ensuring they remain functional and stylish year after year.

2. Set the Mood with Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is crucial for balancing aesthetics and functionality in your outdoor entertainment areas. DEKOR®️’s LED recessed lights are perfect for this, providing soft, ambient light that enhances the safety of your deck without overwhelming the senses. These recessed lights can be installed flush with the deck material, creating a seamless look that is both modern and minimalistic. They’re also incredibly efficient, using LED technology to keep energy consumption low while maintaining bright, consistent light.

Look for more versatile options? The DEKOR® RGBW Recessed Dek•Dot™ LED Lights are part of the innovative RGBW line that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. These lights are uniquely designed for both stair and up/down applications, making them versatile for various settings. The RGBW feature allows for a range of color settings, enhancing ambiance with vivid colors or soft hues controlled via the COLORKONNECT WiFi system. This technology not only enables remote control from anywhere but also includes options for scheduling and dimming, offering a blend of convenience and advanced technology in lighting solutions.

3. Create a Focal Point with Decorative Lights

Enhancing your outdoor space with decorative lights can turn a simple backyard into a stunning venue. DEKOR®️ ’s Flat Post Caps and Baluster Lights add elegance and character to your deck or patio, creating a visually appealing focal point that draws the eye. These elements are not just functional; they add a sculptural quality to your outdoor décor, perfect for parties that extend into the evening. The soft glow emitted by these lights creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, ideal for social gatherings or quiet nights spent outdoors.

4. Add Drama with Spotlighting

Spotlighting is a fantastic way to highlight the best features of your garden or yard. Whether it’s a majestic tree, a beautiful statue, or a serene water feature, DEKOR®️ ’s spotlights are crafted to enhance these elements with dramatic lighting. Properly placed spotlights can create a theatrical effect that adds depth and dimension to your landscape. These lights are designed to focus on objects without creating a harsh glare, ensuring that your guests can appreciate the beauty of your outdoor decorations without discomfort.

5. Soften the Scene with Pergola Lights

Empyrean LED Pergola Lights from DEKOR®️ are an exquisite and stylish way to enhance any outdoor setting. They are engineered for durability and exceptional performance, ideal for both special celebrations and daily enjoyment. The warm, inviting glow of the LED bulbs can transform pergolas and gazebos into elegant focal points, gracefully illuminating dining and seating areas. Their sophisticated design casts a soft light that enriches the ambiance as evening settles in. These Pergola Lights are available in various configurations to accommodate different architectural styles and preferences, these pergola lights ensure that every occasion is illuminated with a personal and refined touch.

6. Incorporate Decorative Lights for a Touch of Elegance

The DEKOR® Decorative Recessed Inlay lights are an exceptional choice for elevating your outdoor lighting this summer. Designed to blend seamlessly with your decking or patio, these inlays add a sophisticated and artistic element to any outdoor space. Perfect for those warm summer nights, these lights provide a subtle yet effective illumination that enhances the safety and beauty of your surroundings without overpowering the natural evening ambiance. Additionally, these lights are available in a variety of designs, allowing you to choose the perfect style to match your outdoor décor and personal aesthetic. Whether you’re hosting a lively backyard barbecue or a tranquil evening under the stars, decorative lights offer both functionality and style, making them an indispensable addition to your summer outdoor decor.

7. Remember the Power of Dimmers

Having control over your lighting intensity is crucial for setting the right mood. Many of DEKOR®️ ’s lighting solutions are equipped with dimmable capabilities, allowing you to adjust the ambiance to match the evening’s progression. From brighter light for cooking and dining to softer glows for relaxing after-dinner conversations, the ability to dim your lights can drastically alter the feel of your space. This feature is particularly valuable as it helps conserve energy while also meeting the dynamic needs of your event.

Will you be traveling this summer and want to control your lighting from the touch of a button? The DEKORKONNECT™ WiFi Light Controller offers the ultimate convenience for those who travel during the summer but still want to manage their home lighting. This smart device allows you to control your outdoor lighting from anywhere via a mobile app, ensuring your home remains illuminated and secure even when you’re away. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to adjust brightness levels and set custom schedules, providing both security and energy efficiency.

8. Plan for All Weather

Summer weather can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful. To ensure your lighting withstands whatever the season throws your way, opt for DEKOR®️ ’s weather-resistant products. Our lights are designed to endure rain, wind, and even the occasional summer storm, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain beautifully lit and functional no matter the weather. This durability makes DEKOR®️ lighting a wise investment for not just the summer but all seasons.

Your summer soirée deserves to shine as brightly as the summer sun. With DEKOR®️  Lighting, crafting the perfect outdoor setting is not just possible, but also a delightful endeavor. Whether you’re hosting a large party or an intimate gathering, our lighting solutions will ensure your space is beautifully lit and inviting. Let us help you create those perfect sunset vibes this summer.


Yes, DEKOR® manufactures all circuitry in Denver, CO providing excellent quality.

DEKOR® offers a COLORKONNECT WiFi controller and through the app you can dim the lights, change colors, and set schedules. You may also control light colors with dimming capability manually on the front face of the COLORKONNECT WiFi device.

When using the COLORKONNECT WiFi controller app provides you the ability to control your lights regardless of where you are located.

The 3W4PORT splitter/repeater has two functionalities: the splitter is used to connect the power wire and the three additional ports for 2-3 lights based on your lighting plan. The repeater is to be used every 20’ with long cable runs and at the light connections to enhance the signal creating pure colors from the first light to the last.

DEKOR® offers a simple 3W4PORT Plug-N-Play system with various cable lengths to make the install easy in any application.

You may change colors and dim the lights manually on the COLORKONNECT device.

Yes, with the use of two or more COLORKONNECT WiFi controllers and wiring two or more zones will deliver different light color patterns.

You may power up to 60-watts of light usage or 28 individual lights.
Our lights are 46% brighter and we have a dedicated pure white channel.
We offer a variety of lengths for any application—20”, 5’, 10’ and 20’.

Yes, you can add to your current non-RGBW DEKOR® lighting system by adding RGBW lights!  While the non-RGBW DEKOR lighting system is a 2-wire direct current system, and the RGBW DEKOR lighting system is a 3-wire direct current system, you are able to integrate both systems by creating a separate zone.  Either using a splitter running from you current transformer or upgrading to a 100 or 200 watt transformer, which has more than one output from the transformer, you can create an additional zone or zones.  Please call us if you need us to walk you through this!

The transconnect cable is for our standard DEKOR® Lighting 2-wire lights. The COLORCONNECT WiFi controller is a 3-wire system. The male-to-male cables come in lengths of 20”, 5’, 10’, 20’ are to be used to connect the COLORCONNECT WiFi controller and then to your first light.

For our RGBW system: The 36-watt and the 60-watt transformers will include one (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable. The 100-watt transformer will come with (1) transconnect cable and (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable. The 200-watt transformer will include (1) 20’ transconnect cable with two lead wires and (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable.

The 3W4PORT splitter/repeater may only be used with the RGBW system. The 6-port splitter is a two wire and can only be used with our standard DEKOR® Lighting system.