Bright Ideas: Innovative Uses of Solar Lighting in Outdoor Spaces

Solar lighting has revolutionized the way we light up our outdoor environments, offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution that harnesses the power of the sun. Among the various solar lighting options available, solar post cap lights stand out for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. At DEKOR® Lighting, we are known for our high-quality LED solar lighting solutions, offering solar post cap lights that are not only functional but also enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. Here are some creative ways to use DEKOR®’s solar post cap lights to illuminate and transform your outdoor areas into captivating havens.

solar post cap lights

1. Solar Lighting Accentuates Garden Borders and Fencing

DEKOR®’s Savona Solar Post Cap lights offer a sophisticated method to define the perimeters of your garden or property effectively. When installed on fence posts, these solar post cap lights not only emphasize the boundary lines but also provide a comforting glow that enhances security and visibility. The gentle illumination transforms your garden paths, making them more inviting and visually pleasing as dusk falls. This can turn an evening stroll into a serene journey through your beautifully outlined outdoor landscape.

Furthermore, the subtle light cast by these solar post cap lights highlights the natural beauty of your garden. They bring attention to the colors and textures of your plants, making your landscaping efforts stand out even during the night. This solar lighting feature is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy late hours in the garden or who wish to showcase their garden’s beauty to guests during evening gatherings.

2. Solar Lighting Enhances Deck and Patio Ambiance

Installing DEKOR®’s solar post cap lights on your deck or patio can significantly uplift the ambiance of these outdoor spaces. These solar lights provide a warm, welcoming glow that is ideal for evening gatherings or peaceful nights spent outdoors. Designed to fit seamlessly on top of deck posts, they blend perfectly with any existing outdoor decor, enhancing the aesthetic appeal without overwhelming it.

Additionally, the ambient lighting created by these solar post cap lights makes your deck or patio the perfect spot for hosting social events or relaxing with family. It creates a soft, enchanting environment that encourages conversation and comfort, making every outdoor moment more enjoyable. The solar-powered nature of these lights also means they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, adding a practical touch to their stylish appearance.

3. Staircase Lighting Illuminates Staircases for Safety and Style

Safety and style go hand in hand with DEKOR®’s SAVVY SOLAR® Post Cap Lights installed on outdoor staircases. These lights ensure that each step is clearly visible at night, reducing the risk of trips and falls, a crucial feature for both family homes and venues. The illumination also highlights the architectural beauty of the staircase, enhancing its design and the overall look of your outdoor space.

The aesthetic appeal added by these lights to staircases is not just functional but also stylish. They add a charming touch to the stairs, enhancing the visual flow from one level of your garden or patio to another. This feature is especially important in creating a cohesive look in your landscaping and architecture, making the most of the natural and built elements in your outdoor areas.

4. Post Cap Lights Create Dramatic Highlights in Landscaping

The strategic placement of post cap lights can create dramatic highlights in your landscaping. Installing these lights near key features such as sculptures, unique plant arrangements, or distinct garden elements draws attention to these spots, enhancing their visibility and appeal. The focused illumination at night adds a layer of mystery and drama, transforming your garden into a captivating landscape.

Moreover, these post cap lights are not just for aesthetics; they also play a role in security by illuminating darker corners of the garden. This can deter potential intruders and make the space feel safer for nighttime enjoyment. The intriguing interplay of light and shadow can turn an ordinary garden into a mesmerizing night-time sanctuary, full of intriguing visuals and safe, navigable paths.

5. Sustainable Solar Lighting for Outdoor Dining Areas

For those who appreciate the ambiance of alfresco dining, DEKOR®’s solar lighting provides a sustainable and mood-setting lighting solution. Placing these solar lights around your dining area enhances the space with a soft, inviting glow, perfect for evening meals under the stars. This lighting solution avoids the harshness of direct overhead lights, which can detract from the intimate atmosphere you might wish to create during dining.

6. Eco-Friendliness of Solar Lighting

Adopting solar lighting is a step toward reducing our environmental impact. DEKOR®’s  commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of solar energy, which powers their lighting solutions without tapping into the electrical grid. This shift reduces reliance on fossil fuels and lowers carbon emissions, making a significant positive impact on the environment.

Reduced Energy Consumption: Solar lights absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy, which is stored in batteries for nighttime use. This process significantly reduces the demand for grid-based electricity, which is often generated from non-renewable energy sources

Sustainable Materials: DEKOR® emphasizes the use of recycled materials in its products, minimizing the consumption of new raw resources and reducing the waste generated during production.

Longevity and Efficiency: LED technology used in DEKOR®’s solar lights offers long-lasting performance and greater efficiency compared to traditional bulbs. This means fewer replacements and less waste, as well as better light output.


DEKOR® Lighting’s solar post cap lights are a brilliant choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor spaces. With their easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and versatile design, these solar lights can transform ordinary areas into beautifully lit landscapes. Whether it’s adding a touch of elegance to your garden paths, increasing the safety of your staircases, or creating a cozy atmosphere for outdoor dining, these solar lights ensure that your outdoor spaces are both inviting and well-lit, night after night.


Yes, DEKOR® manufactures all circuitry in Denver, CO providing excellent quality.

DEKOR® offers a COLORKONNECT WiFi controller and through the app you can dim the lights, change colors, and set schedules. You may also control light colors with dimming capability manually on the front face of the COLORKONNECT WiFi device.

When using the COLORKONNECT WiFi controller app provides you the ability to control your lights regardless of where you are located.

The 3W4PORT splitter/repeater has two functionalities: the splitter is used to connect the power wire and the three additional ports for 2-3 lights based on your lighting plan. The repeater is to be used every 20’ with long cable runs and at the light connections to enhance the signal creating pure colors from the first light to the last.

DEKOR® offers a simple 3W4PORT Plug-N-Play system with various cable lengths to make the install easy in any application.

You may change colors and dim the lights manually on the COLORKONNECT device.

Yes, with the use of two or more COLORKONNECT WiFi controllers and wiring two or more zones will deliver different light color patterns.

You may power up to 60-watts of light usage or 28 individual lights.
Our lights are 46% brighter and we have a dedicated pure white channel.
We offer a variety of lengths for any application—20”, 5’, 10’ and 20’.

Yes, you can add to your current non-RGBW DEKOR® lighting system by adding RGBW lights!  While the non-RGBW DEKOR lighting system is a 2-wire direct current system, and the RGBW DEKOR lighting system is a 3-wire direct current system, you are able to integrate both systems by creating a separate zone.  Either using a splitter running from you current transformer or upgrading to a 100 or 200 watt transformer, which has more than one output from the transformer, you can create an additional zone or zones.  Please call us if you need us to walk you through this!

The transconnect cable is for our standard DEKOR® Lighting 2-wire lights. The COLORCONNECT WiFi controller is a 3-wire system. The male-to-male cables come in lengths of 20”, 5’, 10’, 20’ are to be used to connect the COLORCONNECT WiFi controller and then to your first light.

For our RGBW system: The 36-watt and the 60-watt transformers will include one (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable. The 100-watt transformer will come with (1) transconnect cable and (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable. The 200-watt transformer will include (1) 20’ transconnect cable with two lead wires and (1) 20’ 3WPNP male-to-male cable.

The 3W4PORT splitter/repeater may only be used with the RGBW system. The 6-port splitter is a two wire and can only be used with our standard DEKOR® Lighting system.