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DEKOR’s Dek Dots Awarded Bronze in Most Valuable Product Award 2021

DEKOR is pleased to announce that we received a Bronze distinction in Residential Products Online’s 2021 MVP Award. The contest was judged by seven industry-leading professionals holding a wealth of knowledge between them, with awards given based on the innovation of each submitted product. We were blown away by the positive feedback and support of […]

The 7 Best Garden Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

No garden is complete without outdoor lighting. Garden lights can be used both for safety purposes – to illuminate walkways through your garden at night – and to highlight your favorite flower beds, water features, and trees. Plus, garden lighting creates an ambiance that brings personality to your yard. You likely spend time and money […]

How to Install Pathway Lights: A Complete Guide

potted plants

So, you’re on a journey to brighten up your landscaping. If you’ve already chosen which fixtures you’d like to add to your landscape lighting plan, it’s time to start thinking about installation. DIY installation may seem overwhelming at first glance, but we have put together a guide with simple steps to install some of DEKOR’s […]

9 Xeriscape Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Deck Lighting

You dream of a beautiful backyard but are also passionate about eco-friendly landscaping. Depending on your climate, a traditional lawn might not cut it. Thankfully, an excellent solution exists: xeriscaping. This increasingly popular practice limits the need for irrigation. Its name derives from the Greek word for “dry.” The water department in Denver deserves credit […]

8 Pergola lighting ideas to decorate your outdoor space

pergola lighting ideas

8 Pergola Lighting Ideas to Decorate Your Outdoor Space   Few outdoor features blend beauty and functionality quite like a pergola. These vertical pillars provide support for cross-beams, which, in turn, deliver shade during the day. A pergola brings a sense of purpose to an outdoor area, providing a focal point to show where, exactly, […]

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